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wild fruiting plant

It looks like this plant is a vine.  It has leaves that look like currant leaves. And it has dark berries hanging but not clustered they are seperate. It look like a wild plant but may have been...

Something growing on my allium

This strange white things appeared at the base of my allium flower after it bloomed. I have no idea what it is and out of 30 or so this is the only one with this strange growth.  Could it be a bulb...

Weed, Ivy, Tree or bush??

The tree behind this is an ash tree but I don't know what this new growth is? Could it be from the tree or some kind of ivy? We live in Eastern Canada. It is coming from the base of the tree and in...

Small leafy shade plant

This small plant started growing in a shady spot in our yard in Montreal. I don't know if it is a weed or might be a nice plant. Can you tell me what it is?

Is this some kind of hydrangea?

These were on our property when we moved here, Montreal, 3 years ago. These plants are all around the veranda. I thought they were a kind of hydrangea but they have never flowered since we have lived...

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Re: garden in egypt

It looks like a honeysuckle flower