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Re: Odd succulent taking over my lawn

Mother of Millions is a fun plant. I am in So. Fla too and have several varieties. The flowers are wonderful in the winter. They will produce very tall stems (5 feet) with small bell like buds. It is a bit invasive but interesting. Not hard to control. Works well in pots.

Re: this tree looses its leaves from september to january

Need a photo of a leaf and what part of the country are you in?

Re: Lost the tag

This is an agave'. Probably agave' dementiana. Once it sends up a spike and blooms, it produces many pups which can be planted. The original plant will die after blooming. If you plant the pups remember that there will be very sharp spines at the ends of the leaves so put them far away from where people and pets will be walking. Very draught tolerant. Since there are so many viable pups, you can pot them and give as gifts. Fun plant.

Re: Woody stem house tropical plant with red cluster blooms...Help!

I believe you have a jatropha. In south Florida they grow in outside year round. Very pretty in the landscape. Responds well to pruning. Easy to care for.

Re: Dub this idea what to call it!

This looks like a rhododendron.

Re: what is this flower?

Looks like a poppy. A shot of the whole flower and some leaves would help in identifying it.

Re: What is this backyard bush? (Sydney Australia)

You have a beautiful Firespike (Odontonema strictum). It is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. In South Florida these are favorites for butterfly gardens. Sounds like yours is very happy.

Re: Here's Another One I Need Help Identifying

I found some great tips on the internet that should help. check this link out.,1789041

There are several good ideas there that are quite sound.
Good Luck

Re: HELP Please!!

The large green leaves that look like they have white paint spattered is a dieffenbachia. Great house plant, often used (and abused) in offices.


The corn plant is a breeze to prune. Yes, it is in the dracena family. I have hacked mine back to the ground many times and it comes back bigger and better each time. You can stick the cutting into the dirt and start a whole new one. I have it in poor soil, full sun, and it is doing great!


I think you have a dracena marginata tarzan. In South Florida they are very happy outdoors. They are often used indoors especially in offices.

If it is a dracena, they can be pruned easily. Try cutting one stem off. It is woody but not to tough for pruning sheers. Then plant that stem right back into the pot. It will grow another tree. Where it was cut, you will get several new shoots. In a short time it should fill out. If all this works, then you can confidently do the same to the second stem.