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Re: Have you seen this vine before?

Is that common pokeweed?

Re: Knotweed?

Looks like lysimachia. Creeping jenny.

Re: What is this plant?

That's common milkweed

Re: I think I'm killing it!

I agree 100% with tntreeman. My advice was going to be to ignore this plant carewise. Turn your back on it and it will reward you.

Re: Just popped up in a pot of soil...never had one prior anywhere on property!

Looks like Chinese Lantern plant

Re: Bright pink flower, unsure of naame

it's definitely mandevilla

Re: blue bulb

That is Siberian Squill

Re: small perennial clump

Definitely hepatica. Flowers come out in a little bouquet. Then leaves follow.

Re: flower without leaves

Lycoris squamigera--naked lady lily. Leaves come in spring, die back,
then the flower emerges in August.

Re: Not a tomato plant!

That is a big bad weed--pull it out before it drops seed. Looks like a nettle with prickly stems. Wear gloves.

Re: mystery orange flower

why sure :) I grow this plant in my garden and I love it!

Re: mystery orange flower

Looks like a Lychnis "maltese cross"

Re: south carolina mystery plant

This is spigelia marilandica.

Re: 6" shade perennial?

looks like a wood violet

Re: Mystery berries

Looks like some kind of bittersweet to me. Is the plant vining?

Re: peculiar perennial

That is a Kirengeshoma Palmata. Kirengeshoma means "yellow lotus hat" in Japanese I think. Also known as "wax bells". I have this plant in part shade in zone 4B. I love it.

Re: Hillside nightmare - HELP

Grasses. Daylilies. Stonecrop sedum in between. You could terrace it, too, and make two level garden areas.

Re: Tuber or fungus? Or what?

Yup---that's a Jack-in-the-Pulpit seed pod. I have them all over the place.

Re: White flowered June blooming full shade plant

That is an actaea, just like you thought. Different types bloom at different times in the season. I have one that blooms in mid June and another that blooms in October.