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Re: READER PHOTOS! The Jeli Botanical Garden in Hungary

Tractor1 you are correct, it is a magnificent display. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I have trails all around my area where the deer, rabbits, black bear, and the coyotes abound. They leave the rhodys alone because they are poisonous. If the critters do try them out they will be in agony within a few hours and I can almost guarantee they will not eat them again. The rhody's here are NOT showcased nor are these areas fenced! That is why they call the NATIVE PLANTS. Also there are many varieties of rhodys and the bloom times can be in Feb all the way to the fall. Weather also affects bloom time as does placement of the plants. If planted in the full sun they usually bloom earlier than those planted in the shade.

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Re: Year-round focal points from humble materials, Day 2

I love that you re-purposed the sprinklers. Tractor...you are correct in that things were made to last in the old days. But.....they are being used and that is a good thing. I think it is a clever idea and you can always find sprinkles at garage sales. Thanks for giving us all a new idea.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cynthia's garden in Rwanda--MORE

Not only is the landscaping lovely, but the photography is excellent too..

Re: Eve's garden in Tennessee, Day 2: Containers

WOW!! Love your yard and the containers. The containers have a good mix of plants and they were not cramed in. I think sometimes there are toooooo many plants in a container and they don't get the water or space they need to grow. I can't wait to find a fryer basket.

I do have a question though.....what is a calf basket?