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Winter salvage in the Gardens at Valley View - Winter Photo Contest

The gardens are punctuated by found pieces. A bronze swan from the thrift store, discarded bowling balls and wine bottles rescused from the recycling bin.

Winter in the Gardens at Valley View - Winter Photo Contest

The garden is finally at rest.  Perennials have returned to the earth.  The rainbow of color that was once the garden is no longer prominent.  Neutral shades are here for rthe season.  Beauty...

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Re: Scenes from Bonnie's Pennsylvania garden in 2013 (12 photos)

Thank you all for being so gracious with your comments. First, the white caterpillar has been identified as a Butternut Wooly Worm. I started using a Nikon Coolpix P510 in February of 2013. Before that I used a Canon Point and Shoot! The black object is a bowling ball and yes, it is a Weeping White Pine! Sometimes we never know how our words and responses touch another person's soul. Let me just say today was one of the most difficult days I have experienced in quite a long time and all who have participated in this blog today, including Michelle for posting, have uplifted my spirits and have validated my self-worth. Thank you.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bonnie's garden in Pennsylvania, revisited

To: tractor1 It is difficult to express how your words validate what I try to create. My father was a 38 year veteran of the Bethlehem Steel. He had a 10th grade education and would always tell me he was a jack of all trades and master of none. At the age of 70 he became a Master Gardener. He was also a talented photographer who put his family first and his dream second. He passed his knowledge and love of the natural world on to me. If what I create on a shoestring budget, what I can beg borrow or pick up from the side of the road, I am a testament to my father, thank you!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bonnie's garden in Pennsylvania, revisited

Airlie, the sculpture, the Dreamer, was purchased from Ten Thousand Villages. Each one is hand made. I bought it when i knew I was not included in the downsizing of my agency!

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Bonnie's garden in Pennsylvania

For anyone interested in creating a labyrinth please go to my blog and post a comment on the labyrinth page and I will answer your questions there! Begin first by thinking of the size, minimum of a 32 foot diameter and the type of material you would like to use to create the labyrinth.