Arthur Baugh, Raleigh, NC, US

Gardener in Raleigh, NC

Gender: Male

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The summer so far....

The summer is warming up!

Spring Garden

Spring in the garden! The Viburnum plicatum Mariesii (to the left in the picture above) and the Formosa Azaleas (to the right) are my favorite Spring bloomers! After 10 years of rehabbing this old...

Gus in the Garden with Arthur in the Garden.

Gus surounded by Kerria

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Beautiful! Love the deck!

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wow! Just beautiful!

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So beautiful! Hydrangeas are a staple here in The South!

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Beautiful! I love grasses!

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I have many bunnies, too. They become so tame!

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Beautiful! I love milkweeds!

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Daylilies are wonderful plants!

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Usually, I do not like straight lines in a garden. The exception would be walkways and brick paths!

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So beautiful! I love the little toad houses!

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Very nice! Our North Carolina gardens are so beautiful here in the South.

Re: Spring Garden

The Viburnum plicatum Mariesii (to the left in the picture below) and the Formosa Azaleas (to the right) are my favorite Spring bloomers! After 10 years of rehabbing this old garden I think this is the best! In the background of the picture is the Kwanzan Cherry, which is finishing up it blooming cycle.

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A wonderfull garden. Great colour, too!

Re: Tip For Stripping Winter Leaves Off Large Roses

Dormant oil spray is the way to go. It smothers eggs of insects and spores of mold and is just a good all round practice.

Re: Purple Perilla Pesto does not rock my world.

Purple Perilla makes a great annual hedge and a good "green manure" but I cannot stomach it in anything! I have tried using it to make flavored oils-- nasty. After my experience I haven't tried using it in any other foods. I agree Michelle!