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Peony Protection

Don't let an early heat spell or a heavy spring rain ruin your peonies.

How to Build a Single Stem Trellis

Indeterminate tomatoes will grow forever if frost, extreme drought, or some other thing does not kill them. Pruning can keep that endless growth in check, but you first need to choose a means of support for your plants. The best method is to support the plants from above.

Show us yours and we'll show you ours

From the depths of winter it can be hard to believe that spring will ever come. While spring can be shyer in some regions than others, she eventually smiles on us all. Show us yours and we'll show...

Campanulas You Can't Live Without - The Full List

Here is the full list of evaluated campanulas (Fine Gardening issue #157), as well as those unable to be rated due to under performance. Plants were weak and declined quickly the first summer. Campanula 'Milkshake' (1) Weak plants the first year and severe crown loss in winter. Gradually died out the...

Plant ID's: Lessons learned from a 25-year-old garden

Two seasoned gardeners impart words of wisdom to help you avoid their mistakes and share in their successes. Here are Plant ID's that accompany the story in Fine Gardening May/June Issue #157.

2013 Container Design Challenge Results: Monochromatic Color

Last spring, we challenged our readers to design a container that featured a single color. The results are in. And yet again, we’re astounded by the talent and vision of our readers.

2014 Container Design Challenge Containers of Tomorrow

The theme for the 2014 Container Challenge is "Containers of Tomorrow." The possibilities are mind-bloggling!

Spring Happens Reader Photo Contest Rules

Contest rules for the Spring Happens reader photo contest.

#FineGardening #FGgpod and #NWFGS

Translation: FineGardening Senior Editor Michelle Gervais will share our reader’s gardens featured in “Garden Photo of the Day” at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show next week!

Breaking the Rules: Plant Identification

Deviating from three common design principles frees you to create a truly unique garden.

Plants for an Inviting Front-Yard Pathway: Plant Identification

Gail Gee’s home in Fulton, Maryland, features a front door that isn’t visible from her parking area, so she designed an inviting pathway and garden to lead the way.

The evolution of the beehive

The honeybee has enjoyed many interesting living quarters over the years.

Why does my pee smell funny?

This question is almost as old as asparagus itself . . . well, about 15 minutes younger, I'd guess, because that's how long it takes us to break down the chemical culprit that lies within, namely...

Winter Decor Contest Winner!

We asked, and you responded in earnest! Our call for fantastic holiday arrangements brought out the creative best in our readers. But then again, we were not surprised - we know what you are capable...

Eco-friendly Ways to Control Black Rot on a Grape Plant

A Facebook reader sent us a great question about black rot on a grape plant. Good news - there are eco-friendly ways to handle this!

Winter Flora Art Represented on Stamps

The talented work of Island-based artist Catherine James is showcased in the first miniature sheet of stamps of 2014

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Repurpose tomato cages into spectacular Christmas trees!

Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

It is with great anticipation that I await the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year. And the color for 2014 certainly did not disappointment!

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Re: Brand new beds! What to do?

Check out the suggestions received for you on our Facebook Page - some great ideas!

Re: Daryl's garden in New Jersey, revisited

Beautiful garden! Funny, I moved from Byram 1.5 years ago, was just 1 mile from Lake Mohawk. Such a beautiful area!

Re: wish you where here

Hi Ramon,

Your garden is such a tease - we're expecting another foot of snow on Monday. Keep the beautiful photo's coming! (And yes, I got your note - thx!)

Re: Unknown Shrub/Tree

According to our Facebook friends, it's Pittosporum tobira - visit our Facebook page to hear what they said about it ->

Re: Mr. Frog

Great photos!

Re: Eco-friendly Ways to Control Black Rot on a Grape Plant

Hi Yolanda - thanks for the tip! I've never used whole powdered milk in that way!

Re: Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

Chutzpah is overrated. lol