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Re: Lori's gnome garden in Utah

Love your toad houses. Did you make them or purchase them? If you made them, please share your process that you used. I would really like to make a couple for my garden. If you purchased them, please share the address or website with us. Thank you so very much.

Re: Katie's garden in Ohio, revisited

I use to have the problem, but last year I found a product called "Rabbit Scam" I purchased it at a greenhouse in my area. I had no rabbits last year and I put the Rabbit Scam on my garden this year and no rabbits. The neighbor behind had a small village of rabbits under his shed, and they left my flowers alone. Just type in Rabbit Scam in your browser. Best of luck.

Re: Julie's garden in British Columbia, Day 1

Love your garden. Your foxgloves are beautiful. Are they planted in shade, some shade or sun? I've had trouble growing them. Just beautiful. Also what fertilizer do you use?

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ann's bowling ball garden art

I love your mirrored ball. It appears to have wire holding it down. How did you do that.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Katy & Tom's garden in Massachusetts

Love your garden. What is your secret to keeping your Stella d Olars in blossom for the summer? I love the yellow ones. Thank you