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Narrow Side Yard Makeover Part 2

I nominate "side yards" as some of the most under-exploited areas in the landscape! What a shame, especially when every square foot of real estate is valuable, even in a down economy...

Narrow Side Yard Makeover Part 1

  I nominate "side yards" as some of the most under-exploited areas in the landscape! What a shame, especially when every square foot of real estate is valuable, even in a down...

How Does Your Garden Glow?

I designed my pond garden to take advantage of both the sunrise and sunset lights cast by the sun. I harnessed the sun's glow on the plants as a "natural spotlight"  and back light to bring out...

Edible and Mediterranean Gardens by Shirley Bovshow

My garden is in Sunset zone 10a and we enjoy a long growing season here in Los Angeles. Im a professional garden designer and gardening coach. I incorporate edible plants in most all my gardens and...

Recent comments

Re: Taking On Lawn Alternatives With The Garden Designers Roundtable

Hey Billy!
Enjoyed your book review, I may have to add it to my library. I'm doing lots of "lawn less" designs these days!

Re: Seven Silvery Foliage Plants

Hi Ruth-
You have to add the glistening babe- Convulvulus cneorum.
Shirley Bovshow

Re: Meet Fine Gardening's New Contributing Editors

You put together an "A" list of hort superstars! Looking forward to their contribution to the magazine.

Shirley Bovshow
Garden World Report Show

Re: Scotts Miracle-Gro Stole My Ammo

My sentiments exactly Billy. If Scott's wants to continue their success, they will have to offer what the consumer demands.

I prefer not to "cast stones" as if I am "without sin" in terms of past non-eco friendly practices in gardening. We grow up, we learn, we change. We need to give companies like Scott's the same opportunity.


Re: In A Dinosaur's Garden

I enjoyed the Sproutopia children's section as well. Can't wait to air your coverage of the children's garden on Garden World Report soon. Great post!
Shirley Bovshow

Re: Looking At Green Through Rose Colored Glasses

"Increases the methane in the atmosphere!"
Good one.

Don't forget the "green" dog behavior classes...

That was an eyeopening day. Ed Begley Jr. was one of the highlights of it. Little Tokyo was next.
Shirley Bovshow

Re: When the Fig Leaf Falls, Sensuous Forms Appears

Gonna need a cigarette after reading this blog post.

Where's my fan, it's getting hot in here.

What do I see?

I see a garden writer with a crossover career as a "horti-erotic" writer!

Shirley Bovshow

Re: Don't Turn Up The Thermostat--Look At These Pictures

Hey Billy,
Thanks for transporting me to Paradise, (although I'm not far from it myself).
Enjoyed the journey through the sun-soaked garden walls of SB.
Your devoted fan,
Shirley Bovshow

Re: Wrapping Up Raleigh - Really!

800 photos Billy! Wow..I can see GWA was a "working week" for you too.

GWA had such an energetic buzz around it this year. You can smell change in the air. New talent is emerging, new ways of communicating our garden passion, I love it.

I'm proud to know you. You are a talented communicator extraordinaire who has broken through the radar and is heading straight up to the stars!

Anything that I can do to support you is my pleasure. Great talent is rare and you have it in so many different areas.

The Live launch of the Garden World Report show was especially good because you were my co-host!


Re: Could YOU Keep A Straight Face? Coyote Pee Interview

I enjoyed watching your" Kathy Lee journalistic instincts" at work though I think you may be a little more savvy than she is!

You are my boy! Go get 'em Billy!
Shirley Bovshow

Re: Green Roof Plants Get Put to the Test

I love green roofs too, but with the drought in Los Angeles, having one here would be anything but "green."

I'd have to water my roof to maintain the plants. If there were less severe watering restrictions here, I would plant my roof as a tool for insulating my home and beautifying it.

Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker"

Re: Irrigation Gizmos and Gadgets - Part I

Now that's a low tech tool to shove down your grass!

Re: Part II -- It's Like Road Rage, Only Wetter

Hey Billy!
Water rage indeed. Here in Los Angeles, we are thrown in jail for watering more than twice per week!

Your readers may be interested in following my trial test of the UC Verde variety of buffalo grass that was developed for arid climates = Los Angeles.

The claim that I am testing is that UC Verde is supposed to thrive with 70% less water than other popular lawn varieties for my area. My reports are weekly.

Check it out:

Thnks Billy.

Re: Why Not Replace Your Plants With Styrofoam?

I hear you Billy Boy!

Sometimes I think that "plant janitors" assault natural plant forms in order to "have something to do" every week when they visit the site.

Case in point- when I vacationed in Hawaii, I admired a garden area near my hotel room.

Nothing wrong with it, needed a little weeding and mulching. A few straggling vines needed to be clipped back.
When I returned from lunch, the "chain gang" was finishing up on their "globe shaping" of an amazing bougainvillea! I was shocked! Why did they even think that the boug needed to be touched?

I really do believe that some of these maintenance crews do not understand plant form, design or what constitutes true maintenance. They have to accept the fact that some weeks when they visit, there will be nothing needed to be done, accept maybe step back and admire the beauty of a garden!
Shirley Bovshow

Re: Do You Suffer from One-of-Each-itis?

I like the "no-designer-speak" approach Billy. Very user friendly and easy to understand. I'm a little of both types of gardener.

Re: Santa Barbara Burning

I have family (and you) in SB and think about you guys when these fires errupt. How did the firescape garden at SB Botanical do? Did the fire go into the gardens?

Re: Things I love in theory

You sound like a perfect customer for "Rent a Composter" full service composting. Just leave your scraps by the front door and receive of bag of "black gold" in return.

You never see the worms!

Re: You Want To Paint My What?

Billy Boy,
I was with you until point number "4.Llama" I've crossed the radical threshold but I wont' be raising in llama's until I can get my kids and husband to feed themselves! You know what I mean, Billy? Another mouth to feed?

My curiosity piqued when you mentioned "UC Verde" buffalo grass. I will be planting this grass at my home next week as an experiment and to replace my creeping red fescue. From what I've read, this variety of grass will give you the look of a traditional lawn (if you want to mow it) or looks great natural, like the photo you have in your post with 70% less water and no chemicals.

Give me your stats. Is that an overstatement in water savings or about right? How long have you been using UC VERDE in your projects?

Your design hermana in the trenches!

By the way, sorry to hear SB is on fire again.

Re: Welcome to Cool Green Gardens - A view from the Left Coast

Billy Boy,
I'm loving this "fine"(gardening) blog already! We are going to have fun reading your blog! Maybe I'll disagree with you sometime just for the hell it will raise!

Your fan,
Shirley Bovshow

Re: Book Giveaway: Sean Conway's Cultivating Life - 125 Projects for Backyard Living

Please add me to your list of potential winners. I want this book.

I'm working on two, gorgeous edible hillside garden projects right now. I'm also using California natives. The challenge is "user-friendly" hillside design, productive vegetation, beauty and not falling off the hill while I work!

Re: More Garden Woodwork

You do beautiful work Lawrence.

Re: Do you grow veggies, fruits, or herbs?

How exciting Kate. I'm heading over there right now.

Re: My 2008 Pictures of my Gardens

I enjoyed your photos. Your plants are gorgeous!

Re: My "Keep busy and lose weight" garden!!

I love your positive attitude and I can tell that you are overflowing with energy! Your garden is beautiful and full of your spirit and personality. Thanks for visiting my profile.

Re: Summer Gardening in MN

Beautiful plants and great photography!

Re: August beauty

You have created a beautiful garden and retreat for your family.

Re: Planterly Combinations

Your work is an inspiration to me. I can feel and see the beauty in your gardens. Do we have the best jobs in the world, or what?

Re: Random Photos of my Garden

Your garden makes me smile!

Re: My prized pumpkin

Gorgeous and hopefully, delicious!