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Re: Episode 5: Down to Earth

Amy, you were retelling my story! I ordered my first batch of worms, prepared their home - it had holes for air and a lid too. I put them in a nice dark bedroom and.......You know what happened. I opened the door to find worms all over the room. I hollered for my hubby to come help me gather worms. He wasn't real excited about it. For months, every time I cleaned that room I found dried up worms that we hadn't rescued. After that they were moved out to the yard and eventually escaped into the garden.
I started a compost pile where they are very happy. I add my chicken's waste to it and the worms make fast work of everything that goes in there. Oddly enough, when I turn the compost pile, the chickens ignore the worms and look for the grubs. I'm am tempted to start another worm bin but don't really need to now. Thank you for the podcast. It was very enjoyable.