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The beginning of the end of summer

With Michelle still recovering, I'll do a guest turn today and offer up the August image from the 2012 Fine Gardening Wall Calendar. August has just arrived, and this landscape, designed by Sharon...

A Gardener's Checklist for Early Fall

Even though the weather cools and the daylight dwindles, it's way too early to put the tools away. There's a lot of gardening still to be done. With proper planning, you can still create container displays and even cutting gardens. You might also be busy with lawn care, leaf collection, and spring bulb planting. Read on to find links to articles, videos, and tips to help you with eary fall gardening.

Fast-growing Trees to Avoid

Many trees take decades to reach full size, and in this fast-paced world, not everyone has the patience to wait that long. Some trees that grow quickly have undesirable qualities that make them a poor choice.

Jigsaw Puzzles for Gardeners

If you love gardening and puzzles, as I do, you've come to the right place. Select a puzzle and move the pieces around until they fit. You can make the puzzles very simple (6 pieces), diabolical 247...

Games for Gardeners

The weeds will wait. Take a break, and have some fun. Over the years, we've created a variety of garden-related amusements for your idle moments, but until now, they've been hard to find on our site...

A portfolio of shed designs

If you don't already have a garden shed, it's probably on your wish list. Whether you want a simple utilitarian structure for storing tools and equipment, a workspace for potting, a playhouse for...

A Gardener's Midsummer Checklist

In much of the country, midsummer weather is hot, and depending on the location and the year, it can also be excessively dry or excessively wet. Gardeners focus on helping their plants survive weather extremes and keeping their gardens looking good and productive. Below you'll find links to articles, videos, and tips to help you with midsummer gardening.

Roses: Stars of the Summer Season

Roses have the reputation of being finicky to grow, so many gardeners avoid them. In fact, they aren't so difficult if you pay attention to the basics: selecting a suitable variety for your setting, fertilizing, and pruning.

Clematis in the Garden

    For more spring gardening information and inspiration, check out the March/April 2012 issue of Fine Gardening (#144).   The Many Faces of...

Skills that will make you a better gardener

Gardening Basics addresses common problems that gardeners face. For more information on many of the subjects discussed in this publication, click on the links below. For more essential...

2012 Garden Conservancy Open Days: Win a Pair of Free Tickets

We are giving away five pairs of free tickets to visit a spectacular garden of your choice. Post a comment now for a chance to win.

A Gardener's Checklist for Early Summer

You have chores, and we can help you do them efficiently with expert advice on winter cleanup, spring pruning, sowing seeds, planting late-season bulbs, creating containers, dividing perennials...

Paths, Stairs, and Bridges

Paths, stairs, and bridges move visitors from one part of the garden to the next. In this transitional role, they also have a weighty presence of their own. The photos below have been featured in Fine Gardening's Garden Photo of the Day email. To learn more about the structures, click on the images.

Inspired Seating

Chairs, benches and dining areas offer a welcoming touch to a garden. Get ideas for your own home from what other gardeners have done.

Lilacs to Know and Grow

Lilacs are classic garden shrubs and small trees that bear deliciously fragrant, tubular flowers which capture the essence of spring. Learn more about these cultivars in Fine Gardening's Plant Guide.

18 Hydrangeas to Know and Grow

A gallery of gorgeous hydrangeas. Learn more about them in Fine Gardening's Plant Guide.

Video: How to Prune Raspberries

David Handley, small fruit specialist at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service, shows how to prune raspberries for maximum yield and ease of picking.

A Gardener's Checklist for Early Spring

You have chores, and we can help you do them efficiently with expert advice on winter cleanup, spring pruning, sowing seeds, planting late-season bulbs, creating containers, and planning a vegetable garden.

Pruning Tips and Techniques

Find out what you want to know about pruning tools and methods, as well as instructions for pruning many common shrubs and trees.

Container Plantings for Wintry Settings

Scott Endres, co-owner of Tangletown Gardens, a Minneapolis garden center and landscape design firm, doesn't let the brutal Minnesota winter put an end to his inventive container plantings. When...

Expert Plant Picks: Western United States

Here you'll find great plant selections for the Mountain West, Northwest, Southwest, Northern California, and Southern California.

Expert Plant Picks: Midwest and Plains

If you live in the Midwest, Northern Plains, or Southern Plains, check out the listings below for plants that are most likely to do well in your region. MIDWEST Jim Ault is the director of ornamental...

Expert Plant Picks: Eastern United States

Expert gardeners reveal their favorite plants for the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern states

Carve-o-Rama Contest: And the winner is...

Congratulations to Cherry Ong, whose post An Entry Welcome takes top honors in Fine Gardening's Garden Carve-o-Rama contest. Here in the Northeast, Halloween was upstaged by a rare late October...

A Gardener's Checklist for Late Fall

Here in New England, frosty nights, flaming maples, and flocks of birds heading south herald the coming of winter, and gardeners turn their attention to tidying up their yards and preparing their plants for cold. There's a lot of work to do before the ground freezes. Below you'll find links to articles and videos to help you with late fall gardening.

2012 Fine Gardening Wall Calendars

Start 2012 off right! Nothing beats a great wall calendar for delighting the eye as it reminds us of important days.

How to enter the Garden-Carve-o-Rama contest

Submit photos of your garden- or botanical-themed carved pumpkins and you could win a three-year subscription to Fine Gardening.

Garden Carve-o-Rama Photo Contest: Official Rules

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER.  Entries for this "Garden Carve-o-Rama Photo Contest” (the "Contest") will be accepted during the period beginning at 12:01 a.m. ET on July 18, 2011 and...

Seven Silvery Foliage Plants

Plants with silvery foliage can bring a welcome gleam to your beds and borders. They can buffer brightly colored flowers, and many of them have textured or furry leaves that add...

One tough tree

Continuing yesterday's tree theme, today's photos are a tribute to the power of nature to overcome obstacles. This tree, on a nature trail just north of Skyland Resort in Virginia's Shenandoah...

Free Ticket Giveaway: 2011 Garden Conservancy Open Days

Post a comment by July 6 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the private garden tour of your choice.

20 Top Picks: Garden Photo of the Day

Here's a sampling of popular posts, as rated by our readers' recommendations and comments. It's just a sampling of what you get when you sign up for the Garden Photo of the Day eLetter.

Toddler in the berry patch!

Nearly a year has passed since my granddaughter first ventured into the basil patch, and now, on the cusp of two, she is mobile and decisive. It's June, and in Connecticut that means ripening...

Announcing the winner of the Spring Awakenings photo challenge...

Robin Hartwell's exquisite Crocus in the Snow is the winner of this year's Spring Awakenings photo challenge. We had many deserving entries, but the editors felt that this one best...

A Container Gallery from Garden Photo of the Day

Want inspiration for your container plantings? Check out the links below, all from our Garden Photo of the Day blog and weekday email.About Garden Photo of the DayEvery weekday we post a new photo of...

Designing Great Combos with Your Favorite Plants

Plants such as coleus, hosta, clematis, conifers, roses, and grasses are beloved by many. Follow the links below for advice on designing great combos with these timeless favorites.

Harmonious hues

Delicate pinkish-purple flowers of Japanese toad lily (Tricyrtis 'Sinonome' ) peek through the swordlike foliage of a purple-leaved cabbage tree (Cordyline australis 'Purple Tower'). This fall...

A subtle weave

This planting relies on the interplay of both contrasts and similarities. Feathery mauve seed heads of fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Moudry') contrast texturally with the stiff, bristly...

All About Containers

The nurseries are fully stocked and open for business, so get out there and design some containers. Follow the links below to find articles, videos, and tips to improve your container gardening...

Cool and soothing

A pairing of green and lavender-blue creates a serene mood in the shade. Flowering fronds of maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum) interwoven with wheellike lavender blossoms of woodland phlox Phlox...

Backyard Projects for the Gardener

Projects large and small can enhance your home's outdoor spaces. This season, consider crafting garden lanterns, making a garden gate, and creating a water garden.

About the Spring Awakenings contest

Grab your camera and post a "spring awakenings" photo in this gallery by April 15 for a chance to win a prize.

Find the Perfect Plant

Nobody gardens on a perfect site, where every plant will look good in all seasons and thrive. At the garden center, the choices can be overwhelming, and plant tags can only tell you so much...

Front-and-center foliage

The white-veined leaves of Alocasia micholitziana 'Frydek' steal the show in this tropical combination. But supporting players also do their part. The heart-shaped leaves of Ipomoea batatas 'Ace of...

Echoes and complements

The pointy petals of sea holly (Eryngium maritimum) reinforce the angularity of the spiky foliage of an African blue lily (Agapanthus 'Storm Cloud') and the radiating leaf lines of a sweetgum...

Harmonious hues

We Echoing hues of pink and white bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) and 'Tender Beauty' Darwin Hybrid tulips (Tulipa 'Tender Beauty') create a colorful spring show in this planting designed by...

Look but don't touch

The spiny, unforgiving orbs of the golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) seem to soften when cushioned by a plush carpet of blue chalksticks (Senecio serpens), but don't be fooled. This study...

Far above the Hudson's waters

We don't normally associate the urban environment with rich loam, lush vegetables, and brilliant flowers, but the community garden plots in West Harlem's Riverbank State Park are visual proof that...

Baby in the veggie patch!

What happens when a newly mobile one-year-old spots an open garden gate and scoots in?

Tell us about your pruning mistakes

Is there a gardener out there who hasn't botched a pruning job? Fess up, folks, and post your story.

All About Starting Seeds

First-timers and seasoned gardeners alike will find useful tips and techniques for getting their ornamental and vegetable seedlings off to the best possible start.

About The Garden in Winter contest

If your garden is still making you smile even as the snow flies, show us what makes it sing. To enter the contest, post a photo of your winter garden by February 1.

2011 Fine Gardening Wall Calendars

Start 2011 off right! Nothing beats a great wall calendar for delighting the eye as it reminds us of important days. And this one will absolutely, positively appeal to the gardener in you -- wherever...


Want inspiration for your succulent plantings? Check out the links below.

Slideshow: Cold Frame Construction Details

Carpenter Rob Wotzak offers design and construction details for the cedar cold frame in the November/December 2010 issue of Fine Gardening.

Home Outside wins Garden Writers of America Best Writing Award

Julie Moir Messervy's Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love won the 2010 Garden Writers of America Gold Award for Best Writing. It's a wonderful resource for landscaping ideas. If you're refining your landscape (what gardener isn't?), it's well worth a look.

Bright and bold

Burnished orange Asiatic hybrid lilies (Lilium 'Make-up') and the polished mahogany bark of Prunus serrula make a dramatic statement in Margaret de Haas van Dorsser's Portland, Oregon, garden. This...

Foliage is the main attraction

The not-so-subtle contrasts in foliage color and texture create a striking scene in garden designer Ryan Gainey's Decatur, Georgia, perennial border. This planting features smoke tree Cotinus...

On the upper lawn...

It seems secluded, but it really isn't.

Hot and bold

Hot colors work in unison to create this eye-catching vignette in 15-year-old Gavin Younie's garden in Portland, Oregon. In this planting, he paired the striped foliage and orange flowers of Canna...

Contrast warm and cool colors

Eye-pleasing plant combinations can be based on something as simple as the contrast between a warm color and a cool one. In this vignette from Maxine Rowan's garden in Eugene, Oregon, the coral...

Fill gardens with varied plant forms

An easy way to create a pleasing composition is to place plants with different growh habits next to each other. Here the rounded shape and stiff, upright growth habit of a variegated hydrangea...

A fabric of foliage frames flowers

A tapestry of perennial ground covers was selected for striking early-season foliage. Lamium maculatum 'Beedham's White' and darkleaved Heuchera cultivars serve as a dramatic backdrop and color echo...

Greens Go Together

Among similarly colored plants, contrasting forms garner attention. Consider the soft, weeping seed heads of fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) gently mingling among the sturdy...

Gold Glows in the Dark

The eye-catching contrast provided by gold-foliaged plants can be used to brighten shady spots or planting of dark flowers and foliage. In Robert Clark's Oakland, California, garden, golden sedge...

Arbors, Pergolas, Sheds, and Gazebos

An arbor, pergola, shed, or gazebo can serve as a focal point in a garden. If you're seeking design inspiration for a garden building project this season, take a look at the outdoor structures on our sibling site...

The statuesque soar above the sprawling

Like skyscrapers in a city, columnar stalks of organ-pipe cactus (Lemaireocereus marginatus) tower above ground-hugging blue-chalksticks (Senecio serpens). Isabelle Greene created this composition in...

Contrast the colors of foliage

The purple-black leaves of the sweet-potato vine 'Blackie' (Ipomoea batatas 'Blackie') create a compositional foil for the acid-green leaves of a geranium (Pelargonium spp.). Lending distinction to...

Homegrown / Homemade Video Series

A gardener and a cook team up to plant, maintain, harvest, store, and cook a variety of popular vegetables, including peas, arugula, and potatoes.

Vines cling to their companions

Vines are close companions—twining their way up through trees, shrubs, and smaller plants. Lisa D. Cady created this colorful, contrasting combination for a container in the Nancy Bryan Luce...

Shapes rule the shade

The success of a shade planting lies in the thoughtful combination of foliage shapes, textures, and colors. Plantsman Charles Cresson of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, added visual appeal to a drift of...

Rhubarb shows its colors

New England winters can be full of snowy sparkle, but oftentimes they're drab. After months of monochromatic tones, spring bursts of color can be almost shocking. Is there anything more garish...

What has been digging in my field?

In the suburbs, we share our space with wildlife, and that keeps things interesting.

Container Craze Contest

Design a virtual container planting, and enter Fine Gardenng's Container Craze contest.

Outdoor Sink Repurposed

Further proof that you can plant in anything that holds soil.

Can anyone tell me what this is?

I have light purple flowers on a stalk that looks like a weed, and I'm very fragrant. Who am I?

Veggies in Containers

If you have limited space and time but still want to try your hand at growing vegetables, think containers. No yard is necessary; a patio, deck, windowbox, or even a fire escape will do. All you'll need is a couple of containers, some soil, seeds or seedlings, and a little fertilizer.

Am I blue?

With huskies, unfortunately, free range is not an option; they must be penned or leashed. Otherwise, they'd run and roam uncontrollably.

A Gardener's Checklist for Winter

With the turn of the year gardeners once again select their seeds and plants and focus on the season to come. Whatever the weather in your part of the country, can help you with expert gardening advice. See the links below for winter-related articles and videos.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Hillside Landscape

Landscaping a two-acre hillside with a 20-ft. drop is a daunting task. Solving this jigsaw will probably be simpler.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Baby in the Veggie Patch

What happens when a newly mobile one-year-old spots an open garden gate and scoots in? Solve the jigsaw puzzle and find out.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Fall Combos

Relax with a garden jigsaw puzzle that showcases the colors of autumn.

Recent comments

Re: Stake it to the Limit

Hi, everyone. Frugal and practical soul that I am, I've been recycling pruned branches for eons, mostly to stake tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant and to build trellises for beans, etc. You can use pretty much anything: maple saplings, hedge prunings, even red-twig dogwood shoots for a touch of color. Typically the wood lasts for a couple of years, and eventually it turns into row markers, or kindling.

Re: The beginning of the end of summer

trashywoman62: Plant IDs for this photo are not available online, only in the print 2012 calendar. Amazingly, this calendar is still for sale at We do have plant IDs of some photos from other articles, which you can access from this page:

Re: friend or foe?

Pokeweed easy to pull out? When it is young it is easy to pull out, but it has a deep taproot that in my experience breaks off before it releases. The flowers form berries, and it reseeds freely. If this is pokeweed, let the gardener beware.

Re: Mystery Plant

There are varieties of eggplant that don't look like the eggplant, so to speak. Could it be,, or some other type?

Re: Can't remember what I planted... Please help

A friend at work gave me a few forget-me-nots many years ago, and now they are taking over the lawn in lovely, blue swathes. I just mow after flowering and seed set, so they will return next spring in all their glory.

Re: Mystery volunteer lavender flower

I asked the same question three years ago, and the answer turned out to be dame's rocket (see See also for a botanical description).

Re: National Call-Out-Sick-From-Work-To-Stay-Home-And-Pull-Garlic-Mustard-Before-It-Goes-To-Seed Day

I'm in! It's rampant here in Connecticut, and I pull them like mad. I drive my dog crazy. He thinks he's out for a walk, not for a "park and pull". Now if I could only convince the neighbors...

Re: Video: How to Prune Raspberries

Sorry, lbveas, but at present you can't add this content to your favorites. I suggest you either bookmark it or drag its icon into your links toolbar for easy reference.

Re: READER PHOTOS! The aftermath of the northeastern October snowstorm

I've got an oak that's in bad shape, too. I think oaks got hit hard partly because they don't drop their leaves until very late.

Re: An autumn day at home

littleloiee, cut us some slack, please. We're in Connecticut,and many of us have been coping with power outages and downed trees. Without power, we can't even turn on our computers, much less post. I'm just getting online now for the first time since Saturday. My yard looks like a war zone, too. As for your specific questions, I hope others will weigh in as well, but I'd advise doing nothing right now with the redbud. You can certainly plant your bulbs, but I would wait until spring for putting down grass seed. That is, I would wait in Connecticut; I'm not sure if it's significantly warmer where you live in New Jersey.

Re: Scenes from Lurie Garden

atthetimberline: you need first to click on one of the little photos. When you do that, it becomes the large photo on the top of the page. Then click on it again to enlarge it. Give it a try.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - Climbing the stairs

Peaceofpie, you can view all the Garden Photos of the Day to date by clicking on the banner at the top of this page or by using this link:

Re: A heavy rainfall transforms plants

Sorry, ppinc, but we can't allow links in comments. If we did, we'd have spammers posting links to unrelated commercial sites and worse, and I'd spend big chunks of my day cleaning up the mess. Instead of retyping links you'd like to visit, just highlight them and copy them into your browser windo, then hit "enter." That's a lot faster than tedious typing.

Re: How Easy Is It To Grow Tomatoes? Easy As Number 2!

Lassivius, you'll find lots and lots of tomato-growing info on's sister site, Start here and follow the links:

Re: What would you do?

Chrisbosa, we have a Garden Design Gallery, where site visitors can post photos and ask for design advice. We'd be delighted if you and others would mosey over and help out.

Re: mystery plant

It would be helpful to know where you live. I'm guessing that this vine is an invasive you might not want to keep.

Re: One tough tree

Sorry to say that I don't know the tree species. In the third photo, you see a #4 by the tree. That's a stop on the Stony Man Interpretive Trail, and if you ever hike there, It think you can get a guide for $1 at the southern end, near Skyland. I was hiking north to south on the Appalachian Trail, so I didn't pick up a guide.

Re: About the Spring Awakenings contest

We did post the picture some time ago. Here's a link to the post:

Re: READER PHOTO! A hunter's unique camouflage

Cute photo, Liz. Rocky picked the perfect place to lurk.

Re: About the Spring Awakenings contest

Stay tuned. We will be making the announcement in the next few days.

Re: Outdoor Sink Repurposed

The cinder blocks are gradually sinking into the earth. Maybe I'll try edging the sink with nasturtiums this year.

Re: Pruning & Controlling A Climbing Rose

Paul, your post is very timely. My 'Zephirine Drouhin' could really use a trim.

Re: How to post photos in the gallery

sasc913, I see that you've posted your question on the Lenten rose page (, where lbister is most likely to see it. I hope he/she responds soon.


Your beautiful photos speak for themselves, nadwa. Welcome to

Re: Spring Awakenings Photo Contest: Official Rules

Multiple entries (up to 10 per person) are permitted.

Re: Plant Identification Quiz

ESkyscape, we tried to lengthen the window, but our software and the quiz software don't see eye to eye, and this was the best we could do. Jeandabbles and susan 749, you are right. For most gardeners, this isn't a tough quiz. But stay tuned. Future quizzes might take a turn for the diabolical.

Re: Morning glories in the afternoon

This looks like 'Grandpa Ott' morning glory, and if it is, "prolifically" is a vast understatement. It grows along my veggie garden fence (in Connecticut), reseeds without fail starting late spring and right up 'til frost. I have to rip out huge quantities just to keep it from strangling my food crops. But it is beautiful!

Re: Slideshow: Details Make the Difference

No sound, just images and captions.

Re: Jardin-o-Lantern Photo Contest: Official Rules

Biochar, we had a technical glitch yesterday afternoon that we fixed, and we do have an entry from you.
If you wanted to enter something else, please email me today at Send me your title, what you want to say, and attach the photo, and I'll see that it's included in the judging.

Re: Northern Michigan Lavender Garden

For more about this garden (the winning entry in our photo challenge), see

Re: Transplanting A Rose During The Growing Season

Very timely video for me, Paul. I've got a Rosa rubra that's being engulfed by other plants. I'm going to take advantage of the wet weather we're having now to move it to a better spot.

Re: Please help identify


Re: Memory Garden

To enlarge a photo (on a pc), right-click, choose "properties", and copy the url into a new browser window. You should see a photo the same size as the one you copied. Then in the url, change what immediately precedes the ".jpg" to _xl.



It's tedious, but it is a way to see a larger version of an image.

Re: Am I blue?

I'm in southwestern Connecticut. Before Blue the husky, there was Chinook malamute and before her, Yukon malalamute. I agree, they are great dogs.

Re: Garden Design - A Dog's Eye View

Blue the husky ( loves the outdoors but isn't really into the formalities of garden design. As long as there's something to pee on and roll in, he's a happy boy. He's especially pleased when he can nibble the ripening blackberries and blueberries.

Re: It's red. It's rubber. Is it safe for your garden?

In the interest of full disclosure, is the "exclusive Southern California distributor of PermaLife rubber mulch and playground safety products". This is not to say that the information SoCalRubberMulch presents is invalid (or valid, for that matter).

Re: Video: How to Train a Rose on a Trellis

bruinjon, the video is here; just click on the screen, and it should start to play. I see it fine using Internet Explorer; what browser are you using?

Re: Backyard Garden Spaces Photo Contest: Official Rules

Sorry about the bad link. I was on vacation and didn't see these comments until now. I've fixed the link. You can enter the contest here:

DevonCat, I entered your post in the contest for you. Again, apologies to all for the goof.

Re: Book Giveaway: Sean Conway's Cultivating Life - 125 Projects for Backyard Living

gem514, sorry to tell you that this giveaway was in 2009.

Re: Emptiness

Plant something low maintenance, like herbs or flowering tobacco (Nicotiana).

Re: identify PLEASE!!!

It looks like something in the Brassica family, maybe kale. Kale often reseeds from year to year in my garden, as do many other veggies.

Re: 3 Vegetable plants to figure out!!!

If it's corn, it won't need staking, just some hilling. Mound the soil to a height of around 4-6 inches as the plant grows. For a lot more info on growing veggies, check out Fine Gardening's sister site, A few searches over there should answer most of your questions.

Re: 3 Vegetable plants to figure out!!!

1. if the leaves are smooth and shiny, pepper; if a a tad furry, tomato. it will be easier to say when the next sets of leaves (the "true" leaves) appear. 2. looks awfully thin for corn, but I don't know what other veggie it could be. 3. definitely a cucurbit: squash, melon, cuke, pumpkin...

Re: Spring in Korea

Welcome to the site, kwangsub. Your photos are beautiful. Please post more about Korean gardening.

Re: Pick the next cover of Fine Gardening

The issue is going to press shortly, so we ended the survey.

Re: Container Craze Contest

I just replied to you via email, miss415. It's easier to do that than to try to explain here.

Re: Rhubarb shows its colors

I would think you could but stalks sparingly in a couple of months, depending on how the plant looks. It it grows robustly, yes, cut a little; if not, leave it along for a full season.

Re: Spring 2010 planting project

Wow, that's practically a blank slate. We look forward to following your activities as you develop the site.

Re: Spring of 2010

Wow. Spring in 06891 isn't anything like this.

Re: A juicy combo for a container

salsaman, if you're looking for black lashing cord for trellises, you can purchase it here:,31-494,default,cp.html?SC=ALTRT666

Re: Indoor gardening

kwangsub, thank you for showing your photos. They are beautiful. It's always nice to see gardening from other parts of the world.

Re: My Must-Have Tomato

So many tomatoes, so little space. Sun Gold is a mainstay at my place, too. It's generally the first to ripen and it continues to produce well into fall. Other favorites are Amish Paste, Linguisa, Jaune Flammée, Juliet, and Black Prince (just to name a few).

Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?

Thanks, PlayinDirt. I guess I've seen this as a roadside plant as well, now that I think about it. Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) is apparently invasive (thanks, Google), so I'll keep tabs on it. But for now, I love it right where it is.

Re: Grace waiting for berries

I've had a malamute and two huskies that love to nibble blueberries, blackberries and raspberries right off the plant. It it only the Northern dogs that do that, I wonder?

Re: Am I blue?

I wouldn't know. Once they escape, they are almost impossible to catch.