Stan V Griep, Loveland, CO, US

An old farm boy moved to the City. Love to garden with Roses being my first love. I have flower, herb and veggie gardens as well along with a dandy raspberry patch! I am a Certified Consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society for the Rocky Mountain District. I love to photograph the roses I grow and tend to and share their beauty with others in every way I can.

Gender: Male

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The Art Of My Roses...Stan The Rose Man

I am a Colorado Native Gardener and Rosarian, also a certified Consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society. I enjoy growing and tending to my roses and other flowers. One way to enjoy them is...

End of Season Roses 2010

It is tough to see the bloom smiles go away for the roses to take their Winters Nap. But it gives me a chance to rest I suppose and anticipate a glorious Spring. Hope you all enjoy just a few of the...

Beautiful Garden Colors

A double bloom of the Hybrid Tea rose Peace, with companion plantings blooms. Kissed by the sun to illuminate the garden.

Fence.... What fence???

I was out watering the mini roses in the new grandkids garden. We had a small fence I was going to use to help keep our pug puppy out that was sitting on the grass behind me. After watering I turned...

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Re: A Season Of Everyday Roses - Video Blog Post #4. Deadheading and lots of blooms!

Great video! Nice work Paul!

Re: A Season Of Everyday Roses - Video Blog Post #2

Fine work here Paul, as usual. Enjoyed this very much. Glad to see you looking and feeling well.

Re: The New Ways Roses Are Tested Before Release To The Public

Excellent article Paul. Great information indeed!

Stan The Roseman :o)

Re: Pruning Shrub Roses That Build A Structure Over Time

Your videos are very well done Paul. Just watched this one as I have a Mary Rose (Austin shrub) that has gotten pretty big. Always a challenge to prune and keep into a nice umbrella shape.

RoseMan Stan

Re: How To Plant Bare Root Roses

Fine work on this video.


Re: Stop Deadheading. And We Don't Mean Put Away The Tye Dye Shirt

Interesting article Paul. There are some variations to this though to avoid heavy winter snow and winter winds damage. Glad I found your blogs. :o)

Re: power of yellow

Bright and beautiful!