York, N Yorks, UK

Landscape gardener and designer for 40 years. Passionate about gardening.
My own garden is open for the National Gardens Scheme every May and July, raising money for their charities.
Garden built from scratch. Started as a paddock and now is fully a fully landscaped 3/4 of an acre, with no lawn.

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Winter photo contest

All photos are taken in my own garden. More can be seen at google .. Rewela Cottage.

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Re: Squash or Melon or what?

I think you have a Courgette Tronboncino. A tall twining courgette, with large open yellow flowers and long, slightly curved fruit. Available at most seed merchants but I get mine from Seeds of Italy. I grow mine in a polytunnel and it will reach 18-20 ft in length/height and produce 15-20 long fruits.