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The Monet Bed

The Monet Bed in our SC country garden viewed from the shade of a Crape Myrtle. The garden is shaped like a palette and originally featured flowers one could see at Monet's Giverny. Photo by Meg...

Meg's Monet Bridge

This bridge was built a few years ago on the narrow end of our 5-acre Blythewood SC pond. It is a beautiful backdrop to my bog garden and has been the subject of several of my paintings. You can see...

Recent comments

Re: Fast-growing Trees to Avoid

Another tree to avoid is the Chinese Tallow Tree aka Popcorn tree. I love the decorative white seed clumps, but each seed will grow a new tree. Some have gotten to the banks of our pond, so I am constantly on the lookout for new babies.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Giuseppe's garden in New York

I too am an artist turned gardener. Gradually the gardening became more important than painting, but as you know it is a wonderful combination. I hope I will be as lucky as your father to have one of our children become my hands.

Re: Riverside Garden

Ginger Lilies do great along my pond edge in South Carolina. I love them because they are tall, very fragrant, and bloom in late summer when many other flowers are past. They also multiply readily and are very tough. I am in Zone 8a so it's probably not too different from 7b.

Re: Alliums amongst the ferns

That is so lovely. I assume the alliums do well in the shade since they are pictured amongt ferns. I'd like to try that.
Meg McLean