Jillian Liebman, CT, US
Fine Gardening staff

Fine Gardening Administrative Assistant

Coming into an office where everyone has a permanent green thumb can be intimidating for some, but I've never been afraid of a challenge. When I started working here over a year ago I had no idea how to garden and even if it was something I would be good at. Now, after a hot & rainy summer, I'm proud to show off my green thumb.

Gender: Female

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Recent comments

Re: 2013 Winter Garden Photo Contest Official Opening Post

Yup, Patti. Your pictures are exactly where they need to be!

Re: Mystery plant

Someone on twitter thinks it, "looks like a member of the clover family, a variety of lespedeza possibly."

Re: READER PHOTOS! Stefani's garden in California

Forloveofflowers - Do you have our Jan/Feb 2012 (#143) issue handy? We actually have an article on plants for shade in there! While some of those do best in sun, you can get away with growing them in the shade. Why not give it a try?

Jillian (FG staff)

Re: Are you pumped?


You have to be a member of facebook to answer the question. It is posted on our facebook wall. Then you go to RainPerfect Pump's facebook wall and answer the question there. 'Are you pumped?' is just the title of the blog post. Is that a bit more clear?

Re: Are you pumped?


Here is the link to the blog post of the second week rules:


The contest is running for four separate weeks, so you still have three more chances to win!


I understand your frustration, but the partnership with RainPerfect was to help them advertise their facebook page. Therefore, it needed to be a facebook contest.

Re: BEHOLD! The GPOD Pinterest Page!

Michelle's GPOD Pinterest page is gorgeous! If you're on the site and you have some extra time...check out Fine Gardening's Pinterest page:


Its got some great information compiled from Finegardening.com and vegetablegardener.com!

Re: Upcycling in the garden...

One of our other contributors, Billy Goodnick, actually wrote instructions for making croc planters. You should check it out! http://www.finegardening.com/item/21142/holey-crocs-batman

Re: I'm Branching Out Into Archaeology: Blame the Wisteria


I finally had a chance to read this. It is hilarious and I love it!