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Fall in MY Garden

After i get what I want then the gate is opened

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Re: Veggie trellising ideas from Longwood Gardens

Love the look of these trellises. I also use concrete reinforcment wire and lay flat across my raised beds and cover with plastic, also I use them for tomato cages, bend and use for climbing vegies too

Re: Covering An Arbor With Roses

I want roses so bad, but what can I grow in a zone 3-4? So far what I've tried have died over our winters here in MT.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Dripping with atmosphere

Oh my gosh, how dreamy, just beckoning you to come sit and relax!! I am envious. No where in my yard is there a place to even try something like this. Not in Zone 3-4

Re: READER PHOTOS! Springtime at Longwood

Oh I miss my spring blooming plants! I live in MT now and this picture brings me a sigh of relief and hope for the future. I LOVE it!!

Re: Garden in Winter photo contest WINNER!

It would make a great black and white pic.

Re: Pushing a container over the top with simple materials

Absolutely sensational!! The colors says wow, look at me! How happy they look. I shall try something like this this summer for my patio

Re: Another gazing globe done right

I really love this idea! Now to keep my deer from licking it and knocking it over :-)

Re: A criss-cross combo

I would really love to see zone areas covered also with the descriptions. Really like this but are they zone 4?

Re: I'd like one of those, please.

Great idea, what about being a little more informative by giving the zones for the plants. I'd like to do something like this off my deck entry into the house, zone 3/4

Re: The very first Fine Gardening Garden Photo of the Day!

ahh, so peaceful. So nice to look at while I am shivering here in MT.