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Native white flower

I found this plant beside a woodland trail in Tennessee and am hoping someone will identify it for me. It didn't bloom the first 2 years I had it because the buds were always eaten by our local...

Delicate pink flowers

I found this plant at a vacation resort in N. Carolina. It seems to spread by underground roots. I would love to know what it is so I can purchase some. Any ideas?

Red vine

We saw this vine in both Ireland and Scotland in July this summer.  It is such a beautiful and prolific bloomer that I would love to find out what it is and whether or not it will grow in the...

Red flower

I purchased this potted plant at a roadside stand in S.C.  It grew fast and had beautiful red flowers until the leaves suddenly turned yellow and it died.  I would like to identify it so I...

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Re: Delicate pink flowers

That's it. Thanks!

Re: Red flower

I'm certain that my particular plant died, rather than turning dormant (it was June or July). I suspect it could have been a fungus in the soil - maybe I over watered it...
But in checking the internet for ruellia elegans, I do believe that is my answer. Thank you both ever so much. Next spring I will look for a source to order a plant or two, and, since I live in TN in zone 6, will keep them in a pot and see if I can keep them alive inside my home during the winter.