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Only Royalty Can Proclaim "Spring is Here". Spring garden photo contest.

When the royal crowns of rhubarb show their ruby heads, rest assured....Spring has arrived!  The Royal Crowns of Rhubarb...has ushered in Spring 2013 in the midwest!  

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Re: How to post photos in the gallery

I just posted my spring garden picture to what i thought was the contest for spring 2013. I see it posted, but not under that contest? How can i fix this please?

Re: Book Give-Away: Beautiful No-Mow Yards, by Evelyn J. Hadden

Since I moved into this old house, I have slowly (ok not so slowly) been replacing my front lawn with edible beds, fruit trees and flowers. It is my goal for the not so far future to replace all of the lawn with real beauty. I have turned al organic, and I would rather spend all of my time planting, watching, and enjoying. My yard is a sanctuary for everyone, birds, possums, frogs, and of course our night time friends. Most important to note, my neighbors (despite what I thought) actually love what I do. People in the neighborhood stop to talk to me about it and ask questions about their yards. Lesson to learn: most people will like your new yard, it takes courage to be unlike next door, but fear not! Everyone will love it!