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Re: Alpine Garden

I LOVE this!!! From materials to design. Very nice.

Re: Getting to know the garden at my new house

I agree with Japanese anemone. I also agree with your assesment of invasive. The branching root system has the potential to get large enough to choke out other plants, and is a bugger to dig out(think deep!)if you fall out of love with it: leave a piece in the ground and it will be back. I have had it sprout up in romote spots, which makes me believe the seed is more viable than some growers think. But who can say no to those beautiful flowers?! Learn to identify them when very young, pull them out where you don't want a huge plant, stake the big ones, and enjoy!

Re: Rainbow Leaves

Looks like fothergilla, not sure which cultivar.

Re: What's going on in this picture?

It looks to me like someone found a nice(?) cool spot to store and water the 'contestants', or are these going back to the dining room as center pieces?! Hmmm...