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Poems and Favorite Daffodils

What do we think of when we picture spring? Daffodils, of course.   Michelle Gervais, Senior Editor, adores 'Actaea'   'Actaea' daffodil (Narcissus 'Actaea', Zones 3-9)I love poeticus daffodils. They're so cute with their tiny little cups and...

Autumn Garden Photo Contest: Winners, Runners-Up, and Finalists

We received many gorgeous photos, but these came out on the editors' short list

Winter decor contest

Show us your prettiest winter arrangements!


Everything you need to know about hydrangeas, all in one place.

An Easy Way to Repot a Cactus

Sharp cactus needles aren't a problem when you repot the better way!

Rows of Bulbs Come Tines at a Time

Multiply your bulb-planting efforts by grabbing a pitchfork (or auger).

Autumn Photo Contest - 2013

Show us your autumn garden and you might win one of three prizes from Santa Rosa Gardens!

Which grass is invasive? Which isn't?

A web extra to Fine Gardening issue #154

Save Your Favorite Tomatoes

Here's a quick and easy way to perpetuate summer's crown jewels.

Keep Herbicide Off the Plants You Love

Kill weeds, not beloved plants, when using sprayed herbidices.

WIN a copy of Victoria: The Seductress from Longwood Gardens!

Fine Gardening and Longwood Gardens offer you the chance to win a lovely tome on a beguiling plant

How to Harvest Watermelons

The Homegrown / Homemade duo shows you how to pick a watermelon when it's at peak ripeness.

How to Care for Watermelons

The Homegrown / Homemade team gives watermelons a perfect supporting cast.

Deep Plant for Stronger Tomatoes

Give your tomato plantlings a head start by planting them the smart way.

That's Not My Name

Why I cannot stand plant-related pet names

Pull Poison Ivy the Safe Way

Get rid of this irritating plant in no time at all

Cold Frames: Good, Better, Best

A web extra to Nikki Jabbour's article in Fine Gardening issue #153

Easy, Organic Apples are in the Bag

For small, organic apple crops, forget the pesticides, because there's a better way.

New York Botanical Garden On Air Tonight!

One of America's favorite gardens will be featured on PBS tonight. Don't miss out.

Could it be an onion?

Not knowing what this is makes it that much harder to exercise.

Building on Color Harmonies

Colors compliment one another while size and shape keep things varied

Patch a Lawn with No Weeds

Ditch the straw and use a common kitchen textile the next time you reseed a patch of lawn

Meet Our Mini-Magazines

We've embraced technology in order to provide you with exciting new ways to learn

Chelsea Flower Show: An Analysis

Friends from the Chelsea Garden Show have some facts and figures to share

Save Peonies for Later On

To extend your peony bloom season, all you need is a flower bud and a refrigerator.

Pretty (Practical?) Garden Hoses

I never thought I'd live to see the day when designer hoses hit stores, but here I am.

A Most Serene Lawn Mower

A need for shepherds in the twenty-first century - yes please.

How to Prune Panicle Hydrangeas

Find out how to cut back these beautiful, versatile shrubs.

How to Prune Mountain Laurel

Expert Dick Jaynes demonstrates how to properly prune this beautiful shrub

Container Gardening Basics

Potting up a container is a breeze when you have these tips and tricks up your sleeve

Never Forget a Plant's Name Again

It might seem obvious, but this trick helps you remember what exactly you planted

Trick Plants with Different Needs into Sharing a Pot

Different cultural needs aren't a problem when you layer pots

Buy the Best Roses

Forget big, fragrant blooms. Steve Aitken shows you how smart shoppers pick roses at the nursery.

Create Perfect Conditions for Roses

Worried about giving roses exactly what they need? Pot them up!

Save Money By Growing Your Own

Homegrown veggies are good for the body and the wallet.

Easy, Perfect Carrot Rows

A bit of string makes lining up small seeds a cinch

Victoria: Plant or Phenomenon?

Longwood's plant aficionado fields some questions about the subject of his new opus: the Victoria lily

Arrange Daffodils that Won't Flop

A hidden secret will keep flowers standing tall longer

Book Giveaway: Paper Blooms

Not real blossoms, but the next best thing

Surprising Garden Fragrances

These plants pack an unexpected fragrant punch

Spring Awakening Week!

Celebrate the start of the growing season with Fine Gardening!

4 Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Are you helping or hurting your turf?

Answers for those who guessed the roses

If you participated in our book giveaway and have been waiting for answers, here they are!

Rice worth its weight in gold

This genetically-modified crop is surprisingly attractive, until you looks past the gilded surface

Gorgeous out of the gate

Get inspired by these fantastic garden entries

Guess the Roses, Win a Book!

Step up to Paul Zimmerman's challenge for a chance to win his new book: Everyday Roses.

Come Talk Roses with Paul Zimmerman on Facebook!

On Saturday, March 9, Facebook chat directly with Paul Zimmerman, the author of Everyday Roses.

Recap: Chat with a pest control expert!

See some of the highlights from last weekend's pest-centered q&a

Quickly Clean an Evergreen Grass

Save time and effort by donning a pair of rubber dish gloves.

What's your favorite Valentine's Day flower?

Vote for your favorite!

2013 Winter Garden Photo Contest: Winner

We have a winner!

Fabulous Garden Structures

A web extra to Small Space Gardening

Use themes to tie everything together

Avoid chaos in the garden by designing around themes

Chat with a Pest Control Expert!

Come talk pests with Steven Ash, co-author and editor of Common Sense Pest Control

Repurposed Materials

A pre-spring lesson in reuse in the garden

Create Your Own Daylily

It's easy to create a one-of-a-kind daylily!

A Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Who caught Cousin Violet's affront last night?

Boxwood Blight

A new problem for an old favorite

B(ash)fully Unaware

What's the deal with using ashes as a soil amendment?

Troubleshooting Viburnums

Experts from across the country answer your burning questions about this beautiful yet tricky group of plants.

Web Extra: More Ligularia from Chicago Botanical Garden

Check out these fine additions to the stars featured in issue #150 of Fine Gardening.

The Four-Lined Plant Bug

Learn to spot and deal with this little speed demon.


A planting technique with a pedigree is becoming popular Stateside.

Web Extra: A garden that looks just as good in winter

See more summer and winter shots from a garden featured in Fine Gardening issue #149.

The Best Garden of 2012

Select your favorite garden and enter to win a free copy of the Front Yard Idea Book!

Christmas Trees: Better Cut or Boxed-Up?

No tree is carbon-neutral, but which sort of Christmas tree has less negative impact on the environment?

Slideshow: How to Repot A Moth Orchid

It's more often about switching out the potting mix than upping the container size

California's Prop 37: What Do You Think?

The Golden State struck down a proposal to enforce labels on all G.M.O.s this past Tuesday - for better or worse?

Make a Gilded Hydrangea Wreath

Use matured hydrangea blossoms to create a beautiful, golden holiday wreath

Promising News From Iowa

A study conducted by Iowa State University reifies what most gardeners have been feeling for ages.

Todmorden: The Town Where You're Allowed to Eat the Park

There was much ado about this progressive English town earlier this year. Now, hear about it straight from a citizen's mouth.

How do they create The Farmers' Almanac?

The mysterious book of predictions fields some questions from Fine Gardening

Growing Underground

A proposal for a plant-filled park under the streets of New York City.

Pin the Pests Away Challenge

Pin up the best plant combination for a chance to fend off pests the friendly way!

How to divide intersectional and tree peonies

Divide these spring-blooming beauties now and you'll be rewarded with more plants and blooms next spring.

Fall is for planting (and sharing)

Gardeners are some of the most generous people around, always digging, dividing, and passing plants along. Now, a website helps you take it to the next level.

Monet's gardens at The New York Botanical Garden

Giverny hops across the pond!

Reality Check

Television meets your garden, for a brief moment at least

Find the Perfect Potting Soil

If your plants don't get the right nutrients, they'll fail to thrive. The composition of the potting soil is critical to the success of your containers, so make sure you match the mix to the plants.

Introducing Tomato Match

Which of these 99 tomatoes is your best match?

A couple of reads to stave off winter boredom

These new releases are as entertaining as they are informative.

Fall Flowers of Japan at NYBG

Forget the October storm and anachronistic snow banks with the help of these mums.

Q&A: Problematic Woodpeckers

Why do these birds peck away at trees? And how do you stop them?

Dealing with raccoons

Deal with these pests in a humane fashion

Sweetly scented annuals

Harness the fragrances and beauty of these one-season stunners

Make a healing herbal balm

This quick slideshow shows you how to turn dried herbs and wholesome olive oil into a lovely moisturizer

A combination based on green foliage

Green leaves and a shot of red create an alluring plant collection

A study in purple and green

Editor Steve Aitken explains how three very different plants blend into one compelling combination.

All you need to start growing

Whether you want to start edibles from seed or shrubs from cuttings, you'll find useful information among these articles

Everyday Roses

The ultimate common-sense guide to growing garden roses.

erikas test


Cool temperatures invite gray mold

Fuzz is cute on bunnies and peaches, not on your plants.

Recent comments

Re: Slideshow: How to Repot A Moth Orchid

Glad you learned more about orchids Meelianthus!

Firoozeh, Why don't you take a look at this article:

It's all about getting orchids to rebloom. I'm sure you can get it to flower again! Let us know when it does.

Re: Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

I can't say I've had the pleasure of llistening to Hal or Burt, but I definitely prefer rain on a lazy weekday. Much better shopping weather.

Re: Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

I'm loving this color! However, I don't think I have the chutzpah to pull it off inside or outside my home.

I leave this to the color mavens.

Re: Gypsy orphan

Cute! Lucky you.

Re: Wheel Meet Again...

Sails on wheelbarrows! There may be a video opportunity in that.

Re: Frog Condo

I love it!

Re: That's Not My Name

Sweet taytuhs, huh?

Re: Which Would You Choose? Kitchen Compost Collectors

Cookie jar, duh.

Re: Ain't Nobody here....

Keeping hens is wonderful fun, but I honestly need a system that keeps better track of fresh eggs (you can drown in eggs if you don't eat them morning, noon, and night).

While making a curd, the very last of 12 eggs to be added turned out to be a stink bomb. Such sorrow.

Re: Oh it's summer time and the lilies are fine!

Yes your lilies are fine indeed!

Re: Need this at the new house! Please Help!

Yes, definitely a canna.

Re: las vegas baby

I absolutely love it!

Re: Gardens and Cake

Just in case: courgette = zucchini

Re: Gardens and Cake

Need to know what this cake is. Please inform.

Also, what a stunning watermill garden.

Re: Could it be an onion?

tntreeman, you're right :(

I obsessed over the umbel-y flowers and ignored the leaves.

I'm glad to have lots of monarch food nearby!

Re: The Greatest Show on Earth - Chelsea Flower Show

I think Fine Gardening should begin offering trans-Atlantic cruise packages, with Chelsea as final destination.


Shout-out to the people who resurrect the turf après plant show.

Re: Save Money By Growing Your Own

Yes, Jessie_Keith, I see your point. We just wanted to keep expectations as low as possible and see the outcome. I *love* that the savings have the potential to be even greater than what we see here!

Re: Rustic Arbour

Oh yes, this is very cool!

Re: Beth's garden in Iowa, Day 2--Bird Garden, Big Garden, & Fairy Tale Garden

We're aware that many of you haven't gotten your GPOD mailing these past few days. We're looking into it.

Re: Magnolia Appeal

Oh, I didn't even think of frosts, tntreeman. I wonder if frozen buds are a sorrow endemic to North America, or if it's common elsewhere too.

Re: blue bulb

Our senior editor Michelle says this is Scilla siberica, or Siberian squill like cxsdia says.

Re: Guess the Roses, Win a Book!

Sorry cwheat. The contest closing was announced in another blog post. Go to:

We've emailed the winners about their prizes. Thanks for participating!

Re: Stake it to the Limit

I agree Sheila! Branches are a crutch in my gladiolus patch.

Re: small perennial clump

Our editors say this is Jeffersonia dubia.

Re: Is this a herb or a weed?

Our editors think this is oregano, but we advise bringing it to an extension just to be sure, before you eat a whole lot of it...

Re: Romancing the Snow

I love this!

Re: Sarah's library children's garden in Maine

Are you also clicking on the photo itself? That enlarges the photos too.

Re: My Container Flowers,

Your hosta's leaves look immaculate -- nice job!

Re: Jane's garden in Maine

Sorry about the login frequency, Tractor1, but that's just the way the site is built.

Re: Galanthophilia can be contagious

Of course we have galanthophiles in the States! See this lovely garden in California:

Re: Oooh Afternoon Delight!

I made a posie of perlite and coir the other day, it was heavenly.

Re: Maria's visit to Versailles

Oh, this is lovely. I'm going to arrange my orangerie just like this come spring.

Re: What plant is this?

Hi hemidancer! Our editors think this is a very old yucca. Hope that helps.

Re: Tatyana's gazebo in winter

This garden is just marvellous!

Re: 2013 Winter Garden Photo Contest Official Opening Post

CaricomzGardeningHag, did you read the how-to post on how to upload photos to a gallery? See the link in the contest description.

Re: The Best Garden of 2012

Thanks for voting and explaining, everyone! We've selected our winner. Stay tuned for more giveaways.

Re: Kokedama

Very nice Rebecca! I love the way yours hang on string.

Re: Unknown plant,????

Hello hettihuls. We think this is some sort of young elephant's ear (Alocasia or Colocasia spp. or cvs.). Possibly also a young caladium or athyrium. Hope this helps!

Re: What is this plant?

Hi there zoobel123. Our editors think this is some sort of mum or aster, but can't be certain; the photograph is way too close-up to be sure.

Re: Jodie's no-lawn entry garden in California

Oh how lovely! That agave nestled against the urn is the picture of elegance.

Re: Is this a blueberry?

Hello molaberry. Our senior editor Danielle Sherry says this most definitely is not a blueberry. She suspects it to be an eggplant, actually.

Re: Mystery hanging basket flowers

Hi tommygun303. Our senior editor Michelle believes your mystery plant is a diascia. Hope that helps! Antonio

Re: The Bridgewater Village Store's 2012 display

I'm definitely checking this out this weekend!

Re: How to divide intersectional and tree peonies

Good catch tatwood, thanks for the heads up! It looks like 'Kinkaku' was mislabeled at the garden where we photographed it.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Kristina & Bob's garden in Illinois

How nice, Tractor1! However, I must decline thanks: I haven't changed anything regarding sign in on the site. The good news is that the bar you all find so annoying below the page will disappear very soon!

Re: Build a Garden Shed

If you've been waiting for the next insallments of the series, today is your lucky day! Check out the four new episodes added to the playlist above.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ellen's garden in North Carolina

Josefly, I wasn't joking. If you look at the Fine Gardening ad bar at the bottom of the page, there is a carrot icon with the word 'Close' right next to it. Both the icon and word are golden-yellow. If you click that, it should hide the bar. You can email me directly if you still need help.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ellen's garden in North Carolina

Tractor1, I agree: the site logs users out pretty often. I log in constantly throughout the work day. I'll bear this and the photo scroll feature in mind going forward.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ellen's garden in North Carolina

Hi pattyspencer and 04flowers,

If you're finding the Fine Gardening bar at the bottom of the page problematic, simply click the 'Close' option all the way on the right. This will hide the bar from view.

And nice garden Ellen, I especially love your row of cabbages.

Re: my rooftop

These are very nice designs!

Re: Fall Flowers of Japan at NYBG

I'm not sure if they're available for purchase in the US, but they do come in other colors. I've added some more colorful photos up top.