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Wings of Winter

Bird is the word! These were taken through kitchen windows. My birdfeeder makes winter bearable. These birds are the flowers of winter.

Recent comments

Re: Fozen!

Nice work!

Re: garden design NE Ohio

Lush and limited. Love your talent.

Re: Winter Beauty

Pine cone shot is a total winner. Illinois rocks!

Re: Linda and Ginger in the garden

There's no place like gnome! Beautiful garden and photos.

Re: Snake in the Pond!

Knockout photo! Is this a winter shot? I need to move.

Re: Icy Beauty

Ice storms are hell, but your photos make up for it. Love the
fence pic and the ice-lined leaf.

Re: Frozen!!

Really dig the icy bird & birdbath. I have a shot of a red-bellied woodpecker as well. Stunning bird.

Re: Oregon 2008

Watch the snow grow. The pot shot is cool.

Re: Frozen Toes

He looks blue from the cold! Popsicle toes.

Re: Never Ending Garden

Outstanding tree/sun capture. Also love the deer/wheel pic.

Re: Cactus With Oregon Snow

Nice subject and texture.

Re: Winter

Nice work. I favor the snow path lined with trees.

Re: California snow

Gotta go with the snow palm too. Strong image.

Re: Snow on Silver

Cool. The snow almost looks like wave foam.

Re: Ohio Winter

Dig the blue tones of the Dusty Miller. Pretty.

Re: Icicle bird and other photos

Icicle bird is intriguing.

Re: Winter in Oregon

I covet that pond.

Re: Winter Flowers

Really like the stark simplicity of this picture.

Re: My Girlfriend's Cottage

The landscape shot really touched me.

Re: Winter storm on Long Island

These are beautiful pics. Swans & drip my personal faves.

Re: Ice Storm In Upstate New York

Chickadee pic is stunning. Nice work all around.

Re: Mine, mine!

Beautifully clear close up. Want to reach out and touch the cardinal.

Re: winterpark in The Netherlands

The willows pic looks like a painting. Nice.

Re: Frosty forest (From my window)

Amazing frost formation!

Re: MI Winter

Very cool cultivator with snow pic.

Re: Snow caps

Something fun about this one.

Re: My Yard, Ridge, NY

Like the bamboo shot the best. Nice close ups.

Re: A yard two blocks from Lake Michigan, New Buffalo MI

Love the chair shot too.