As every diligent gardener knows, a garden is a work of art. Cultivating plant combinations and placing containers in just the right spot can take years to perfect. And, after spending so much time with your hands in the dirt, it can be hard to walk away from your beautiful garden. But, what if you could take your treasured plants with you? What if you could sling your favorite succulent around your neck or slip an adorable air plant in a brooch pinned to your lapel?

One company, Wearable Planter, in Atlanta, GA has figured out a way to do just that. They use 3D printing to create their jewelry, which they say is a plus because, "not only does this create little waste in its manufacture, but we're also working to bring all of our production even closer to our studio to minimize our environmental impact." So not only can you bring your beloved plants with you, but you can do it without the guilt. Some of the pieces are pricey, but who can resist carrying a piece of the garden around with them 24 hours a day/seven days a week?

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