Genus: Othonna


Marilyn Raff
Othonna is a large genus of succulent perennials and small shrubs from dry, hilly areas of Tunisia, Algeria, Namibia, and South Africa where the rains generally come in winter. There are about 150 species. Their fleshy leaves and daisy-like yellow, white, or purple flowers make them excellent in a desert or rock garden (where hardy), or indoors as houseplants or greenhouse specimens. They don't like temperatures below 50°F.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Succulent foliage; daisy-like flowers.
Care:  In the garden, Othonna species need very well-drained, gritty soil of moderate fertility, and full sun. In the greenhouse, grow in full light in a cactus potting mix. Water sparingly in winter.

Start seed in spring at 64-70°F. Plants can also be propagated from basal or semi-ripe cuttings in late summer using bottom heat.

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Othonna capensis

Spider mites, aphids.