I stole away to a local greenhouse for a few minutes, I JUST NEEDED IT. I needed to buy some plants, I needed some humidity in my lungs and I needed that creative M80 that only a cool plant that needs a cool container can provide. It was SO GREAT to see new seedlings starting, to smell the blooms on a Fringe Tree being coaxed for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show and to take a minute to marvel at the carnivorous plants. 

The fall selection of kales and other greens, left to their own devices in a protected hoop house, were GLORIOUS to behold on this 19 degree afternoon. 

I'm prescribing it, reader of this blog, if you're in a cold climate-- GO and find yourself someplace to buy some smallish houseplants. Stick them in some creative pot, remember that thrll? 

Yeah, it's not far off now. 


If you're in Chicagoland- GO here!

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