Curlyheads clematis

Clematis ochroleuca

Recommended by: Tony Avent, owner of Plant Delights Nursery 

Zones: 4 to 9

Size: 15 inches tall and wide 

Conditions: Sun to part shade; moist, well-drained soil


Why is this a plant people should be growing?  "It is easy to grow and has no pests that I've seen. It's a small, rock-garden size plant that never does anything bad or needs extra attention. It's a US native, is drought tolerant. It is grown for both flowers and seed heads, so it has a long season of interest."

Any growing tips?  "It grows in both alkaline and slightly acidic soils. It will grow in light shade, but flowers much better in part to full sun. It usually disentigrates in the winter, so it usually doesn't require any cutback."

What is the best way to propagate it? "It is pretty easy to start from seed, which are ripe in early summer.  We store them dry in a refrigerator and sow them in early winter in pots in a greenhouse."   


Plant Delights Nursery,

Joy Creek Nursery,


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