Cindy's patio

Remember Steve Hayward's Battle of the Patios post? Well, you all encouraged him to step it up a notch and share a bit more for us! Enjoy!

"I was most honored to see that my patio pictures were selected to be your Garden Photo(s) of the Day. Thank you very much.  The positive comments have been a real ego booster and even though it has been close to 100 degrees since the posting, I have actually been out weeding and spreading bark and watering, watering and watering. As we all know, the work never ends- the weeds, bugs and winds just keep coming. So, if I pass out from heat exhaustion I can blame it on my ego and your Photo of the Day. Let me also add, it would be worth it!

Now I would like to again submit a few more photos, if I may. Many of the responses to the previous pictures asked to see more of Cindy's and my patios. I think, unfortunately, that some viewers thought that Cindy's patio was one of the three pictures you featured.  It wasn't!  Additionally, I think there was some confusion about the pergola which is on "her" patio. I would like to show it…(oh, and a couple of other photos I ran across that some might appreciate.)

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to show parts of my yard. I have throughly enjoyed the experience and have totally been impressed with others' gardens as well. It's thought provoking to see what other's have done and wonder if any ideas could be incorporated into my yard."

Cindy's patio

Cindy's patio

Cindy's patio

Cindy's patio

Jesse asked if I had a picture of the island garden (on my patio) at night so he could see how the garden lights looked.  I found a photo I took a couple of years ago (first photo.) which could be compared to the photo that was featured a few days ago (during daylight) in "Photo of the Day."

This is an arbor I made maybe eight years ago as one enters our back yard.

Here is how it looked this year. The white bench is in the same place in both pictures. 

My entry planters from two years ago.  I even had pansies blooming and it was very late July or early August.

Keep sending in photos (and stories)! Whether you've never shared before or you've been featured multiple times, we want to see your garden! Email a few photos and the story behind your garden to

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