Karolina Dziegielewska's garden is an excellet example of a modern prairie garden! We look forward to see what she designs in the spring!

"We designed a large wooden terrace surrounded by modern pond with waterfall. We also created a second patio, which is located deep in the garden. The house has very large windows so the garden views were important. Garden has two views. The first view runs from the terrace to the patio. Both areas conecting the path of the white concrete elements elements. The second view runs, from the living room window to the aromatic place where we can relax and unwind. We planted aromatic plants, like Thymus between the concrete slabs on the ground (when he stepped on it will spread a wonderful smell) and Lavender ( in a big concrete pot). We used light prarie plants: Echinacea, Perovskie atriplicifolia, Salvia nemerosa, Sedum. The garden is not yet finished; we plan to start pond and waterfall ( in the spring) and install a fence with individual wooden poles in various heights."

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