by Michelle Gervais

Taking a haiatus while the GPOD was in transition means that I have a backlog of photos you guys sent me early last month, and today's set is an example. Midge Sandlin sent these in in early May--better late than never, right? She said, "Spring finally arrived in South Carolina in mid-April and suddenly everything was blooming or leafing out. The Knockout roses were outdoing themselves - even the ones in the back yard that are starved for sun...  At one time I wanted an all-yellow or all-pink garden but now I realize I love to just throw everything together, especially since most of my gardens are filled with pass along plants! I have found a deer deterrent so can't wait to see lilies bloom this year (both oriental and day).  The deer will also miss munching on the hydrangeas - the Endless Summer promises to be wonderful! And here's hoping they don't get to the hibiscus that is guarding the arbor that was almost covered last summer by a jasmine that did not survive the freeze in February. In the three full summers I have been working these gardens I have been amazed at what survives our heat and humidity - even some plants I transplanted from Massachusetts!" Midge, please send more photos to see what a change two months makes! I can't wait to see those lilies in full bloom. Thanks for sending in photos!

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