Today's photos are from Mary Bosman in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Mary says, "For far too long (35 years) we had a nothing back yard. I always felt that gardening was a hobby too expensive for us. But in 2009 developers started building next door, and we had a privacy fence built.  One day I went to our city dump to drop off some branches and discovered, to my joy, twelve huge ferns lying on the city compost heap. From that time on, I was visiting there frequently--sometimes twice a day. Our yard and our lives became transformed. I have found variegated Solomon's seal, cannas, Campanula 'Pink Octopus', ornamental Oregano, Russian sage, lady's mantle, hostas, black-eyed Susans, and a  pile of healthy sweet woodruff,  to name a few. Now my nose is always in  a gardening book, so I've learned how to spot invasives, and unhealthy plants. We live in
a cottage that was brought to the city  from the country in 1947 and onto the front of the cottage was built a small grocery store for the migrant workers. So we have two large windows facing the south, and the annuals I bring in for the winter flourish in our living room. Right now I have two variegated geraniums, one blue chalk fingers succulent, a hibiscus, 'Moonshine' yarrow, and a lemon scented geranium growing, all that I found in the dump! The yarrow I found too late to plant this fall, so decided to try growing it inside, and it's doing very well. This year I got what I wanted for Christmas: a subscription to Fine Gardening Magazine!" Woohoo!! So glad you're a subsciber now, Mary! Your dump-inspired garden is an inspiration to me. Well done, fellow scavenger!

OK, everyone, pickings are slim. Send me some pics of your garden travels or of your garden last season!


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