Nancy Bellaire 1: Plectranthus Iboza, Plectranthus Mona, Torrenia ‘Blue Wave’, Petunia ‘Raspberry Blast’, and Colocasia 'Coffee Cups'

Silver is stunning! Such a fun idea, and wow, such fantastic containers! 

Sheila Shultz and Tim Vojt up with this challenge idea after discussing some containers Tim found online and viewing a GPOD submission that had some great silver Heucheras. We thought it would be fun for everyone to give a container with a silver plant a shot and then share on the blog for fun and inspiration. The challenge was to create a fantastic container starting with a plant with silver in the foliage, then compliment with black and green plants. Full sun, full shade, succulent, tropical, perennial, annual: anything goes! No judges. No prizes. Just fun and inspiration for and from your fellow GPODers.

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Nancy Bellaire 2: Cissus discolor, Begonia 'Sparks will Fly, Lamium ‘White Nancy’

Jeff Calton: Caladium ‘Frog in a Blender’, Brake Fern, Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’, Heuchera ‘Black Out’, Podocarpus nivall


Patricia Clark: "Simple and Silver Container": 'Daub's Frosted' Juniperus chinensis standard, 'Frosty' Angel-wing Begonia, 'Sweet Carolina Bewitched' Sweet Potato Vine, 'White Nancy' Lamium


Cherry Ong 1: Sedum Betram Anderson, Stachys byzantia; Silver bush (Leucophyta or Calocephalus brownii) in foreground


Cherry Ong 2: Silver bush (Leucophyta or Calocephalus brownii), Dichondra silver falls, Japanese maple, Sweet Potato vine, Heuchera


Eddi Reid 1: Begonia, Caladium, petunia, pansies, Helichrysum ‘Golden Sunset’


Eddi Reid 2: New Guinea impatiens ‘Petticoat Pink’, Acorus gramineus 'Oborozuki', Myrtus communis subsp. tarentina 'Microphylla Variegata', Dwarf Curry Plan, (Helichrysum italicum microphylum), Petunia “Stained glass”


Eddi Reid 3: Pelargonium, Senecio cineraria


Sheila Schultz: The ingredients for this recipe: Artemesia 'Seafoam', Artemesia 'Silver Brocade', Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop', Ajuga reptans 'Burgandy Glow', Rhipsalis (var. unknown)


Tim Vojt 1: Capsicum annuum ‘Black Pearl’, Crassula falcata, Kalanchoe pumila, Artemesia versicolor ‘Sea foam’, Agave macroacantha, leucophyta brownii, Senecio scarposus


Tim Vojt 2: Heuchera ‘Glitter’, Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’, Aechmea fasciata


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