The climber is “Winner’s Circle” very robust and disease free. This was taken in June. 

Looks like Lil went crazy with Lily bulbs, and they are lovely! And a little shout out to her helpful husband.

"Hi, this is Lil from Bedford, MA. This is my “learn as you go garden” which you highlighted last season. I put in lots of Asiatic Lily bulbs this past fall. Broke my wrist in October, so my ever patient husband planted a lot of them for me. I am very pleased that I was able to discourage that little red but that looks like a Lady Bug. I found alternating product worked well. As for the deer who love the Lily buds, I use a product that is not harmful to the environment and so far its worked. Keeping color in the garden till fall is my goal. My fall back is my shrub roses, they’ll still be blooming when I’m dividing and transplanting. Just when I think it’s perfect, I (in my eyes) I discover something else I want to plant. So much work, so rewarding. My friends and neighbors come for “garden tours” and of course I just love that!"

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Here we have “false Indigo” in yellow, catmint in the background, white “siberian” iris, peonies and a 19 year old purple geranium growing up the tree. Taken in June.


And here come the Asiatic Lilies and some day lilies - because I broke my wrist last fall I did not keep track of the names. Couldn’t write! My husband planted a good many of the bulbs. 

I’ll take credit for these pink beauties. Got the bulbs in before my fall.

A long view of the Liles with calmint, astilbe, spieria and bee balm. 

I sit on this bench a lot, looking at what works and watching the butterflies.

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