By Kim Charles

Crabapple with its rosy pink flower buds, that open to nearly white blooms. It develops 1/2 inch diameter bright red fruits that remain on the tree into winter. Foliage changes from medium green to orange in the fall.

Irvin and Pauline Faria from California share with us, the beauty of spring.

"With these photos we want to share and celebrate with fellow gardeners the beauty of spring in our garden. From afar our flowing crabapple at the garden entrance announces the beauty of a new spring. Its red buds among flossy green leaves open to aromatic blossoms. At this moment in time other flowing jewels of the landscape are in full display.
Best wishes for a nice spring, Irvin & Pauline Faria, Pauline’s Garden, Carmichael, CA"

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The crabapple blossoms that appear in spring and summer can have single, double or semi-double flowers. The centers of crabapple flowers have yellow stamens. Some crabapples bloom profusely only every other year.

Katsura's orange spring color is the most beautiful of the Japanese maples.

Witch hazels perform best when planted in moist but well drained, loamy acidic soil. Flowering is most profuse when the trees are grown in full sun and mulched to keep its roots cool.

Loropetalum flowers

Lily-of-the-Valley shrub, Pieris japonica, shows its cascading white, pink or red flowers. It grows and flowers best in full sun.

Front to rear: Cordyline, Kocho no mai (Butterfly Japanese maple). Redbud, Acer palmatum Japanese maple

Brick mailbox shrouded by heavenly bamboo (Nandina) known for its lance shaped leaves and colorful foliagae, heavenly bamboo is a frost hardy, semi-evergreen shrub with attractive textural and colorful characteristics. Birds are attracted to the clumps of bright red berries.

Shindeshojo Japanese maple opens spring with its crimson scarlet foliage. In mid-summer the foliage turns a pleasant reddish-green. Then in fall, the color becomes blends of red and orange.

Lorapetalum, native to China, Japan and the Himalayas, is an evergreen shrub with dark foliage and profuse fuchsia-like flowers. It is a great early spring flowering plant and is sun and drought tolerant.

Katsura Japanese maple is the first maple in our garden to show its beautiful orange spring color.

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