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Four Ways To Reduce Landscape Maintenance

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LouisBruno LouisBruno, member
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Beautiful landscapes around homes or businesses are welcoming to guests. Landscaping boosts property value, but trimming bushes and cutting the grass can require hours of extra work per week. Lowering landscape maintenance requirements will allow you to spend less money on professional help, or a smaller amount of your own time caring for and cleaning up your yard.


Traditional mulches are ground coverings made from organic products like wood chips and pine needles. They can be messy and have to be replaced regularly as they decompose. Rubber mulch is much more durable and will last decades without breaking down. It is also heavy enough to stay in place when wind gusts blow. Mulch traps moisture to keep plants growing with less supplemental watering. It also smothers unwanted sprouts to reduce weeding in flower beds or along paths. Keeping the landscape free from harsh pesticides requires a lot of hand weeding, but rubber mulch can reduce this chore greatly.

Trim-Free Lawns

Another way to reduce landscape maintenance is to replace typical turf grass with a low growing ground cover. Many ground covers require no mowing at all. Some plants will handle droughts, heavy foot traffic, and other adverse conditions better than fescue or bermuda. Consider converting some open areas to more natural mixes of native grasses and wildflowers. This adds a touch of beauty without all of the maintenance of a flower bed. These planting mixtures usually only need to be mowed back when the season end and the flowers have gone to seed.


Annuals usually produce the most colorful blooms, but they must be removed and replanted each year. Perennials also litter the landscape with dead growth during the winter months. If you would like to have a greener landscape year round, evergreen plants are your best choice. Look for varieties that grow uniformly and require little to no pruning for the lowest maintenance plan. When you use evergreens in your landscape design, you cut down on the seasonal changes that can cost you a lot of time and money.


Put your most eye catching landscape elements in decorative containers. It will keep the plants healthier with less fertilizer and weeding. Large containers can even accommodate trees and shrubs. Containers can help you create a welcoming landscape even with poor soil quality or solid concrete. Infertile or contaminated topsoil is one of the reason for patchy turf growth around a home or business. If you are in a region with poor soil, consider choosing the best rubber mulch for the majority of the area and add greenery in numerous raised containers rather than spending thousands of dollars to replace the top soil.

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