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Bright Blue and Beautiful

comments (5) February 10th, 2013 in gallery
PamHook PamHook, member
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This beautiful blue flower photo was sent to me from a friend along with a group of photos, titled "Our Beautiful Planet". I absolutely love this flower and want to attempt to locate and cultivate it, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have had several folks suggest that this is a primrose, but cannot find it on any of the promrose sites. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

Deep Blue (cobalt) 5 petal flower, with a gold star burst throat, and white pinstrip edge.

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Comments (5)

helenstardust writes: What a lovely primrose. Another lovely one is Zebra Blue, which is a mid blue with white pinstripes down each petal. It really stands out in a shady garden. Posted: 10:43 am on January 19th
Deb23 writes: Yes it does seem to be a primrose. I cannot find any that look like it though. I wonder if it has gone through Photo Shop ... Posted: 4:07 pm on March 10th
DaleHarvey writes: Good work, Trashy Woman :) Yes, this is a hybrid Garden Primula often known as one of the Pacific Giant Series commonly called Polyanthus. There are thousands of hybrids that come and go so this particular hybrid may not be around for long or may be difficult to find. But Polyanthus plants and seed are readily available. They come in a full rainbow of colour shades and mixed shadings.They will tolerate considerable frost and freezing; late winter and spring flowering; perennial; prefers good sunshine and open/airy postions; cannot tolerate dry, hot summer sunshine. Often transplanted to a partly shaded box or flat during the summer and replanted in autumn. Mulch in climates where the ground freezes. Ideal in mild Mediterranean and moderate coastal climates plus sheltered deciduous woodland gardens. Great in containers!

Please contact for more information Posted: 7:41 pm on February 18th
Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt writes: Part of my job is working in Photoshop. This image looks very edited. The blue color has been augmented and the white outline is artificially added. Searching "blue primrose" finds similar primroses-although blue in flowers is often a relative term. cheers. Posted: 3:06 pm on February 18th
trashywoman62 writes: Pam, I see why you are in love with these blooms! The leaves in the background look like primrose and I just received an email from a large garden center with some awesome primrose pictures tho none of them were quite like this. He described them as "‘Blue Zebra’ Primrose, a top pick from Hort Couture’s new Spring Bling Collection sold exclusively at Independent Garden Centers." So you may search for Hort Couture primroses or go to his website but they don't have a bunch of pictures so call them up and see if you can email the photo to them, they may have it or have seen it. The site is

4605 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 454-6868
email me and I will send you the photo, I saved it to my computer rbunning AT consolidated DOT net Posted: 10:10 pm on February 11th
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