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What is this plant called.

comments (7) January 4th, 2013 in gallery
Helciop Helciop, member
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Bush Click the image to enlarge.


I took this photo at a friends house in Miami and would like to buy one for me. He has no ideia what it is. Can anyone help me. Thanks

More Information: Not specified

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Comments (7)

DaleHarvey writes: This plant is Odontonema callistachyum (Fire Spike)a Central American native. It is an herbaceous (sub) tropical shrub, mostly evergreen; 6-8ft(2.3m) and often as wide that is frost-tender but very drought tolerant. It is easily grown from softwood cuttings that strike quickly and flower in the first or second year. It is a Hummingbird magnet. This is neither a buckeye tree nor a salvia; both of which are also good attractants for birds. But be fully aware that this is a TROPICAL plant and will not tolerate freezing conditions plus needs consistent humidity and strong sunlight plus flowers in autumn and winter. Thus while it may well be grown in a larger container, it will flower during the fall and winter-time so would be useless in most USA climates beyond the subtropical regions of Southern Florida and Southern California.

For more information please contact:

For detailed pictures of this shrub please google: Posted: 7:17 pm on February 18th
Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt writes: I agree with friendlync1960. aesculus pavia, a type of buckeye. Posted: 3:12 pm on February 18th
friendlync1960 writes: I am assuming that it is a tree. If so, it appears to be a Buckeye. They have pinnicles of flowers that come out of the crown portion of a leaf branch. Posted: 8:07 pm on January 21st
plantjunkie writes: Looks like red Justica Posted: 9:29 pm on January 9th
Helciop writes: Thanks dwleydestiny.
I wanted it because my friend says it attracts orioles which feed on the flowers and I love birds and want to atrract them to my garden. So I am looking for bushes or vines that produce flowers that attract orioles and humming birds. Any tips on that?

Cheers. Posted: 10:18 am on January 5th
dwleydestiny writes: Also...the bright, bright red variety of salvia is also very beautiful and is called Scarlet Sage and does very well in my garden here in Florida as well as in the summertime in North grandfather had beds and beds of red scarlet sage salvia around his trees that were gorgeous when I was little:-) Posted: 2:26 am on January 5th
dwleydestiny writes: This looks like a type of Salvia from the leaf and flower I see and Salvia comes in many colors and can be a perennial or an annual and is grown all over the world in many countries. My favorite garden nursery close to Tampa, FL sells batches of many colors that are annuals and remain small but are ever blooming and multiply fast in the summer which I have in one flower bed but I also have Blue Mystique salvia perennials out front in my main garden with my palm trees which are very tall, gorgeous and have to be cut back to come back out again but remain ever blooming in Zone 10-11 here in Pasco County, Fl. If I were you, that looks like a hot pink color salvia and you can look that up and probably order the plants or seeds and grow them yourself. Posted: 2:22 am on January 5th
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