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Poolside patch in need of inspiration

comments (5) September 6th, 2011 in blogs, gallery
Solnishko Erin Nikitchyuk, contributing member
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This is the view as you stand at the door of the shed and look to the right along the fence. This is also part of the area needing a plan
This is the window box... the first summer I havent had to replant over and over for killing it! Below it is a varigated euonymus (badly in need of weeding)
This is the view from that patch of grass by the shed. Note, I seem to have a greener thumb in my pool than in my garden despite the pool tools of the trade scattered around.
 Click the image to enlarge. Photo: This patch is in need of something... help?! The patch is sort of triangular with the rest of it off to the right in a narrowing strip.

I have an area by the deep end of my pool that I have only meagerly tried to landscape. In the front right corner of the first shot, you can't hardly see the creeping thyme that has grown over a couple stepping stones (sunflower shaped in the corner with leaf shaped stones radiating from them).

Along the fence are some purple wild geraniums (caespitosum?) that don't grow so well due to the shade (but grow nicely on the left-hand side of the sidewalk). behind the fence is some overgrown spirea in an attempt to hide the propane tank (to the left) and a couple lace-top hydrangeas that bloom dark blue (to the right of that).

The area is mostly sunny in the front working back to pretty shady by the fence.

I need a short-cut walkway through this grassy part (kids NEVER want to use the sidewalk), and I try to avoid anything within the fenced area that attracts too many bees in the summer (i.e. spring flowering is ok), but otherwise I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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Comments (5)

deesilliman writes: Hi Erin! What a lovely area!!! I'm GREEN with envy!!
1) cover the grass with either cardboard or newspaper (keep wet, if it gets too dried out, it will fly away). That will kill all the grass within 1-2 weeks and make it easy to remove.
2)put 18" by 18" stone slabs down on the ground(buy at Home Improvement store) as a pathway through to the door & let the kids decorate with cement paint (or chalk for easy erase and re-do)
3)plant fragrant thyme as a ground cover. It'll take over FAST and smells WONDERFUL when it "accidentally" gets stepped on...with the kids, pretend that the thyme is "hot lava" and they'll do ANYTHING to stay ON the "safe" stepping stones and OFF the ground cover!! Make it FUN!!
4)later you could add a border of something pretty (I'd do marigolds since you don't like varying border heights)along the cement edge of the area...and gardenia shrub hybrids are getting better and better...try them along the fence for an EXTREMELY fragrant and lovely fence cover (the bees don't seem to bother with mine but hummingbirds LOVE them!!). Posted: 12:55 pm on April 10th
TrayMae writes: Also - Some of the Hosta plants look almost tropical..perfect for poolside. Posted: 3:14 pm on March 25th
TrayMae writes: Tulips (fall planting) provide beautiful spring color. Posted: 3:10 pm on March 25th
Finchfamily4 writes: I agree on the above - especially on the grass. It would look tremendously better. Posted: 2:01 pm on January 31st
Eluna writes: I do not know "how sun goes around" this lace - but - based on this photos,I would:

1. plant an climbing rose next to that small house to cover the tank, iceberg is white and it flowers all season and would give some light to that dark corner.

2. remove the trail to the door of the house, put grass as well, and then put a few mosaic stones over the grass BOTH WAYS - the one kids use, and the one you use. This way you would have 3 separated area or borders if you like, you can use for a smaller plants (up to 15 cm)where you can plant few perennials and mix them with self-seeding annuals - this way it is easier to maintenance this area and kids can even jump over if they like, and you can walk nicely between cute flowers.

3. use that fence (before tank) as a support for different blooming plants, where, next to fence I would put mixture of dark green, light green with yellow bland shrubs (possible something interesting in winter time .... meaning it changes to a red), in front I would put lover plants with different flowering season (keeps interest during whole season)and the front of border I would put some evergreen small shrub/fence that i would cut, from house towards big fence, lover to higher.

I hope you will get some ideas :))) Posted: 6:52 pm on October 1st
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