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Garden Photo of the Day

Garden Photo of the Day

Perfection is boring

comments (9) July 21st, 2011 in blogs
MichelleGervais Michelle Gervais, Senior Editor
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Photo: Michelle Gervais

I love wandering a formal garden and finding a coiled garden hose in the midst of the order, in plain sight. It brings everything down to earth and reinforces the fact that a garden is a labor of love, not just a showpiece. I spotted this neatly coiled hose in the Cross Estate Gardens in Bernardsville, New Jersey.


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Comments (9)

petuniababi writes: I like your new picture!!Thanks for the makes me feel more human.Thought i was the only one. Posted: 1:27 pm on July 24th
Lynnzi writes: Thank you thank you - my hoses are never coiled up or out of sight and I'm always giving myself a hard time for not being neater. In this weather they sometimes get used twice a day so why bother. Thank you again! Posted: 9:48 am on July 22nd
MichelleGervais writes: wwross--Yes, I thought a picture change was due... that said, I hate every picture ever taken of me!

gottagarden--my hoses are NEVER coiled. My husband hates it. But I've been testing this ultra thin hose for the past couple of days, and it's SO much easier to wrestle. I might start being a bit neater. But probably not. Posted: 9:16 am on July 22nd
gottagarden writes: How about a hose stretched out and snaking through the beds, is that ok? MIne are only coiled up when company's coming.
Posted: 5:51 am on July 22nd
M_Fox writes: Michelle, What a peaceful photo with a touch of reality. Thanks for posting. Posted: 9:57 am on July 21st
wwross writes:
Michelle -- You little minx! You changed your picture! Posted: 9:13 am on July 21st
Vespasia writes: So lovely, restful and above all cool, we are expected to hit 38 degrees here (just north of Toronto)with it feeling like 48 or possibly higher with the humidex factored in. I will be keeping this cool image in my mind. My hoses are also out and about and handy. Posted: 8:07 am on July 21st
SunnyDispo writes: I love the site of hoses -- it makes a garden looked more "lived in" and active. Next time I need to purchase a new hose I'm going to buy one in the festive colors they come in now to add a little zip to a quiet corner. Posted: 7:44 am on July 21st
Deanneart writes: LOL love this shot Michelle! My hoses are always out and about except during a garden tour, especially during weather like we've been having this summer. Posted: 5:53 am on July 21st
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