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Covering An Arbor With Roses

comments (8) May 5th, 2011 in blogs
PFZimmerman Paul Zimmerman, contributor
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Video Length: 4:14
Produced by: Paul Zimmerman Roses

We've all seen pictures of an arbor leading into a Cottage Garden surrounded by a white picket fence. Plants spilling every which way. And in the photo that arbor is simply draped in rose blossoms from top to bottom. You try to recreate that scene in your own garden and instead ended up with roses on top and a few leaves on the side? Not exactly what you had in mind when you started.

So what's the secret. I'll tell you. It's called "layering" and our video shows you exactly what I mean and how to get, and mantain, your dream rose arbor.

If you have questions join us on our Roses Are Plants, Too discussion forum.

Happy Roseing

posted in: climbing roses, arbor

Comments (8)

PFZimmerman writes: Zone 3-4 is tough. Pop over to our Roses Are Plants, Too discussion forum and you can ask there. We have several cold zone rose growers who may have some suggestions. Posted: 9:59 am on May 28th
JanaBO60 writes: I want roses so bad, but what can I grow in a zone 3-4? So far what I've tried have died over our winters here in MT. Posted: 8:38 pm on May 27th
gardeningmum writes: Thank you for your wonderful video...I always learn something new!!! Posted: 9:29 pm on May 23rd
LAgardener writes: Fine video. Wish I had seen it years ago. I discovered this trick by trial-and-error and by poring over photos in Cox's "Landscape With Roses." In the course of learning, I came to appreciate hybrid musks like Erfurt and Ballerina. Celine Forestier is almost over the top of a new entrance arbor this year, growing out of Ballerina, which also climbs. Clematis 'Roguchi' twists and turns through both. Lovely, rich effect. Thanks for this video!

Posted: 12:30 pm on May 23rd
theseedlady writes: Don't forget, when planning your arbor, that roses will grow toward daylight, usually toward the west and south, and also, away from a building. Don't expect roses to grow to the east or north, just to fill in the arbor you've already built.

I agree, that with proper pruning and cane arching, buds will break at lower levels. Problem is most of us are impatient and are training the first long canes up to cover the top first. Should be the reverse. Begin arching canes as soon as they start up the sides, they will eventually climb over the top as well. Posted: 10:08 am on May 23rd
hopflower writes: Very nice effect, but I would not plant six roses for the look when two would do! You just shorten the canes on established roses and set them more horizontally to encourage flowering.

Also, you definitely are not a tea drinker! DON'T put your pinkie up when drinking tea. It is impolite. Posted: 8:56 am on May 23rd
FairyRose writes: Well, I decided to go to the trouble to log in to leave a comment. You are so funny....Tea with pinkie extended...You are not a tea drinker I can tell.

Loved your Video!! And it makes so much sense. And you are right that I would love an Arbor with roses all around me. Thank you. Posted: 10:04 am on May 10th
YourGardenShow writes: Happy Mother's Day, Paul and rose fans. Thanks for the tips about layering. I will try one of these and another inspiration: to mix flowers so that the air circulation will work. You said it: Clematis.

Here's a nice blog for Mother's day that caught my eye: Posted: 10:23 am on May 8th
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