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Garden Photo of the Day

Garden Photo of the Day

Running out of room for plants?

comments (13) October 25th, 2010 in blogs
MichelleGervais Michelle Gervais, Senior Editor
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Start looking to the walls! This is the famous living wall at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. Believe it or not, it's even better in person.

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posted in: Grubb

Comments (13)

Bonnie11ski writes: The succulents are gorgeous. The range of colors is outstanding. Makes me want to try more succulents. I have a few I love but never realized there were so many. Posted: 12:17 pm on February 2nd
Gardnerforlife57 writes: So beautiful! I had a huge amount of hen and chick and they are just disappearing! I don't have squirrels to eat them - racoons? I live north of Denver - am I over-watering? Thanks! Posted: 9:48 am on November 2nd
sheilaschultz writes: I truly love this piece, and I agree, Michelle, it becomes more fascinating the longer you look at it. Kevin, Robin and Flora are true artists, and Flora's nursery is inspiring. BTW, your books are awesome, Debra Lee, they are feeding my thirst for knowledge when it comes to succulents...creating a vertical garden is my upcoming winter project. Posted: 2:38 pm on October 25th
Deziner writes: Debra Lee,
Thank you very much for pointing out who were the artisans and creators of this succulent wall piece, Kevin Smith and Robin Stockwell.
Robin Stockwell of Succulent Gardens has spent a lot of time developing this art form as well as sharing his step by step construction methods with the public.
It's important to know who were the creative genius's behind that actual work of art and to thank Flora Grubb nursery for hanging it in her nursery.
Michelle Derviss Posted: 1:50 pm on October 25th
MichelleGervais writes: Plus I ADORE corrugated metal. Posted: 12:43 pm on October 25th
MichelleGervais writes: Debra - I can totally see where she's coming from. I couldn't stop peering at it from all angles. It was an intricate landscape, and I wanted to keep exploring the textures and colors for hours! I do get the same feeling from flying over the Rockies. Mesmerizing! Posted: 12:42 pm on October 25th
DebraLee writes: Hi, Michelle -- You'll love this: Flora told me that it reminds her of the way cultivated fields look when viewed from an airplane.

Here's how it's described in my book, Succulent Container Gardens: "The 80-by 60-inch vertical garden, which comprises a dozen 20-inch-square planted panels, was stored flat in a greenhouse for six months so the succulents would be well-rooted. The wood frame emphasizes that this is an artwork. (Design by Robin Stockwell of Succulent Gardens and Kevin Smith of Flora Grubb Gardens)

Debra Lee Baldwin Posted: 11:53 am on October 25th
SunnyDispo writes: I've got plenty of room but the squirrels in my yard love to eat all my succulants. This is such a perfect solution! Just fabulous! Posted: 11:34 am on October 25th
arboretum writes: michelle, what a tremendously well composed and edited series of shots. thank you so much; this was a real thrill!
a teaching website Posted: 10:34 am on October 25th
catsdogs writes: What a great Creation, Just Love it, You go Girl....Gardner here,,,, Posted: 9:37 am on October 25th
Peaceofpie writes: what a wonderful wall!

makes sense to use drought-tolerant sedums in a vertical living wall as they require little water and because they are small and short plants for the most part, they will not grow long and droop down on top of lower plants on the wall. Perfect choice of plant for such a vertical wall!!!! Posted: 7:01 am on October 25th
Deanneart writes: Absolutely SUPERB Posted: 6:38 am on October 25th
rosebud2 writes: Beautiful. Living walls are a new concept for me. I was blown away by one of them in Paris at the Musee du Quai Branly, It is the inspiration of Patrick Blanc, who has been commissioned to design walls all over the world. Google Living walls.
Helen Posted: 5:30 am on October 25th
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