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Garden Photo of the Day

Garden Photo of the Day

A garden gate fit for a....gardener!

comments (19) July 23rd, 2010 in blogs
MichelleGervais Michelle Gervais, Senior Editor
97 users recommend

Freeland Tanner created this gate from garden tools to welcome visitors to his enclosed vegetable garden. Freeland's collections of garden tools can be seen all over the garden he shares with his wife, Sabrina, in Napa, California.

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posted in: Tanner, gates

Comments (19)

ruthiejames95 writes: I am absolutely in love with that gate! I am going to tell my husband I need one now! It ties the whole garden together! Thank you for sharing.
Ruth James | Posted: 11:44 am on January 27th
terieLR writes: Okay... I'm showing this to my husband ASAP!!! Brilliant in every way!
Posted: 8:19 am on February 29th
theseedlady writes: catchy design but those are expensive garden tools. Who can afford to waste them like this?

ONLY in Napa! Posted: 12:51 pm on June 27th
Nolee writes: So beautiful. Have it saved in my "favorites" folder. Posted: 9:38 am on September 6th
MsSandy writes: Beautiful!! I love the color schemes of the greenery & colors!

of N.California Posted: 7:03 pm on August 1st
Gdarla writes: This is way cool and so creative! Posted: 6:50 am on July 28th
catsdogs writes: Love the Color of the Gate, and the Design, Great Stuff///// Posted: 11:06 am on July 26th
LaFlor writes: WOW!! What a gate. Are plans available?? Posted: 12:01 am on July 26th
grizmom3 writes: Being an avid gardener as well as an artist...a profusion of kudos to you for the highly creative garden gate. If you ever lose any tools you will know where to look. Would especially like to see beyond the reality. Thank you for sharing. Put a smile on my face!!! Posted: 1:22 pm on July 24th
Indygardener writes: That garden gate is beyond words. The use of the tools, the color. It is perfect. Posted: 9:27 pm on July 23rd
arboretum writes: BRILLiant!!!
a teaching website Posted: 2:37 pm on July 23rd
MichelleGervais writes: Ooooh, so jealous, Rebecca! Tell them I say hello!! Posted: 2:27 pm on July 23rd
sweetrebecca writes: What timing, Michelle! My very favorite gate of all time and very favorite gardeners of all time. In fact (believe it or not) I'm visiting with them tomorrow night so I get to see their garden in full-Summer mode! Posted: 2:12 pm on July 23rd
MichelleGervais writes: No worries, you'll definitely be seeing more of this garden in FG in the next year or so! In the meantime, here is another GPOD from the same garden.

Not enough, I know!
Posted: 1:20 pm on July 23rd
Hydrangealady writes: This gate is over the top. Love it, Love it. Would also love to have the plan. I agree that we need to see more of the garden behind the gate. We would have missed it without the daily email from Fine Gardening!

Posted: 12:58 pm on July 23rd
agilcardi writes: Love this gate!! Love the color too! I want one! Can we see more? Great looking tuteurs in the background. Posted: 10:56 am on July 23rd
David_Bockman writes: Ok, that is arguably the most awesome gate ever. Posted: 9:54 am on July 23rd
Ginainpa writes: Wow, love love love this garden entry. If possible can I have the plans for this. This is my favorite entry! Absolutely enticing and beautifully done! Thanks for sharing... Posted: 7:37 am on July 23rd
MzSweetpea writes: Wow....Love the garden tools for the how cleaver, besides every garden should have a gate if at all possible....would love to see more of this garden!
Laura in the Mts. of N. Carolina Posted: 7:15 am on July 23rd
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