• If I could get out there right now, I'ld cut down that trumpet vine that's been bugging me since we moved in. Yep, and the trellis it's grown on. TOAST! I'd drag 'em both over by the compost bin to be dealt with later. Then I would dance in the spot where it once flourished. Because it's going to come up from the roots next year in 100000 places.
  • I'd spread more newspaper in the yard, too, so that I can have less grass and more beds. I probably could do this for real right now, but the temperatures are plummetting like Groupon stock. 
  • I'd start hauling away all the straw bales I used as winter protection. I'm pretty sure the mess from the straw is going to prevent me from ever using it again... but the price (free!) was right! The birds have enjoyed playing in it so far this winter, at least.
  • If I could get out there, I'd give Hugelkultur a big ol' try. That's using dead wood as the base of a giant pile of organic stuff and then growing stuff on the pile. It's cool, Google it.  I have a dead ash that's just laying there, mocking me. It's in almost a perfect spot to just roll it over and, well, hugel it. Of course I can never remember "hugelkultur' so I call it "strudelkultur".  Still seems like an accurate name to me...
  • I wouldn't mind pulling out all the Rudbeckia submentosa that blocks the view. But I saw a snake over there 6 months ago and I'm not sure what snakes do in winter. I shouldn't take a chance.

So I'm just gonna sit here and drink coffee.... and order seeds. 

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