Last Friday we got to see Joy Farrell's garden in Antiqua, and that encouraged her to send in photos of her friend Heather's garden nearby. Joy says, "Here are pictures of my friend Heather's garden in Antigua. The house is just over three years old but the garden looks very mature. Heather is surprised at how quickly the garden has taken off and is always surprised at the number of compliments she receives. The plants are huge and very well developed and it is hard to believe that the gigantic Niems tree in the front yard is just a youngster. She has an amazing collection of ceramics and terracotta pots which are seen interspersed throughout the home and garden, highlighting quiet spots and providing a complimentary backdrop for the plants. Even the garage entryway is spectacular with yellow bells vine to the front and the cup of gold chalice vine to the back. The garage entry is offset by a theatrical display of a potted philodendron and palm. It's not shown here, but the backdrop to this beautiful garden is a panoramic ocean view." Picture of the view, please! Take pity on us poor snowbound souls, Joy.... and tell heather we love her garden!

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