Genus: Hair grass


Colleen Fitzpatrick
Hair grass (Deschampsia)
The genus produces compact tussocks of elegant, fine leaves. The flowers are airy panicles that rise above the foliage in silvery shades of bronze, purple, and brown, and then fade to golden hues. They are particularly stunning when backlit, and the texture makes them perfect for growing in large sweeps and for naturalizing with bulbs. Some species are native.
Noteworthy characteristics:  These adaptable grasses, with their elegant foliage and flowers, provide excellent texture and movement in the landscape.
Care:  Tolerant of dry or moist, neutral to acidic soils. Provide part shade to full sun.

Sow seed in situ in spring or fall; divide in mid-spring to early summer.


None known.

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Tufted hair grass
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Northern Lights'