Genus: Golden marguerite


Jennifer Benner
Golden marguerite (Anthemis)
Plants in the genus Anthemis are mat-, clump-, or hummock-forming annuals and perennials for well-drained, sunny habitats producing daisy-like flowers over an extended blooming time. These plants are valued in a border for their filigree foliage and extended floral display and as cut flowers.
Noteworthy characteristics:  These daisy-like annuals and perennials originate from a wide range of sunny, well-drained habitats from Europe to North Africa, Turkey, the Caucasus, and Iran. Good as a cut flower.
Care:  Moderately fertile, well-drained, sandy or gravelly soil in full sun. Cut back after flowering for a second flush of blooms.

Sow seed in containers in early spring. Divide plants in spring. Root cuttings in spring and late summer.


Powdery mildew rarely. Prone to slugs and aphids.

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Golden marguerite
Anthemis tinctoria