Front walk with agastache vinca abelia

Nicole King's Chapel Hill, NC garden defines the distinction between gardening and landscaping! Kudo's creating and maintaining such a lovely garden with such a busy schedule!

"I garden in Chapel Hill, NC (zone 7b) on less than an acre that just 4 years ago was an undeveloped subdivision lot.  Since our neighborhood is heavily populated by deer and our soil is clay, each growing season has been a learning experience.

Since the backyard is surrounded by mature oak trees that shade the area and take up a lot of the moisture, I’ve taken advantage of sunnier locations outside their reach by adding a 75-ft long berm along the street and by gardening on my driveway.  The driveway serves as both my ‘holding area’ for new arrivals (I always have at least a dozen plants in nursery pots waiting for their spots) and as my container gardening area.  I build new container combinations throughout the seasons to add color.  This Spring, I also added a livestock tank to the driveway so that I could try some pond plants (papyrus, canna, elephant ear, water lily).  Since I treat the water to remove chlorine, I’m hoping for some tadpoles.

My largest delight this year has been watching the wildlife that the agastache, butterfly bushes, pye weed, and water sources bring on a daily basis – tree frogs, hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, swallowtail butterflies, and lots and lots of bees.  With three kids and a full time job, some of the planting and watering gets done by moonlight.  But when someone refers to my yard as a garden instead of a landscape, I know I’m doing something right!"

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Butterflies on Little Joe Pye Weed

Clematis on Railing

Driveway pond

Frog on Lantana Pot

Grasses and Catmint

Iris Caesars Brother

Lantana Pot

Morning Glory

Plumbago Pot

Statue with Jason Bluebeard

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