We can understand why Mary Ann Bastin has the blues - this weather! We're glad that the GPOD can offer some relief to those in stubborn climates. Keep the faith!

"Greetings from Cambridge in Southern Ontario.  I am definitely feeling the blues this week because we have been experiencing a very late winter here.  Today is April 10th and more snow is coming today.  Last weekend we had almost 10 inches of snow which covered our early iris and crocus in bloom and the daffodils were in full bud and as the snow is melting these are bashed down because of the weight of the snow so may bloom in a prostrate position this year.  

We have been gardening in this location for five years now.  Last year I shared a few of our clematis pictures with you.  Today I share some of my favorite “blue” bloomers.  Some have asked our secret to success in this unpredictable climate.  We practice draught tolerant garden techniques starting with good soil and mulching to conserve moisture.  We fertilize with the application of dried kelp which is easy to apply.  It is a similar consistency to dried basil so I just throw a handful around most plants in the early spring and let the rains wash it in.  We compost as much as possible and use the resulting soil to build new gardens and enrich our organic vegetable beds.

It is with envy that I enjoy viewing many other garden on GPOD and I am hoping that after today’s snowstorm we will finally enjoy some spring weather and the beginning of our gardening season here.   Until then I will go back to looking at photos from last year and dreaming of spring!"

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