Trying something new today! Thanks to Anne Wellman from Newark, Delaware for sharing a video of her 2015 garden, as well as her plans for this year.

"Here is a video of our 2015 garden with a newly enlarged wildflower garden to attract pollinators and especially to feed monarch butterfly larvae, all of which are sadly dwindling in the world. Let’s do our part to feed those pollinators!  The video will also help me remember our current garden because much of the back yard- arbors, walkways, flowering plum tree, roses- must be plowed up in March to install a new septic drainage field. (I’m groaning!) 

But, as they say, every act of destruction is an opportunity to improve. Thankfully, Fine Gardening members have provided mountain-heaps of fresh ideas for this renovation so I’m reviewing all your entries. My current plan: less mono-culture lawn; more flowers (if I can convince my husband to give up his beloved grass.)

My other garden challenges: the side and back yard are fenced due to deer, but groundhogs still get in and have their way with the tomatoes.  The vegetable garden always declines into a helter-skelter mess as the heat of summer progresses so I’m trying to figure a way around that. To decrease weeding and watering work, the quantities of some edibles were decreased: fewer squash, fewer raspberries. But “Experimentals” still creep in somehow. Then they become “New Favorites” and need a permanent space…you know how that goes.

I hope my video warms you up on a cold bleak day!"

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