By: Kim Charles

Blue spruce and roses

Wendy Newman from British Columbia has plants that stand out in her garden throughout all seasons.

"My garden in Oliver, BC is in the heart of the South Okanagan, an area known for its sunshine and hot, dry summers. However, I live on the floodplain of the Okanagan River, where we are surrounded by tall cottonwoods and weeping willows interspersed with water birch and lushly growing red osier dogwood. When I moved to the Okanagan Valley five years ago, the property had some fine tall trees planted along the property line with most of the rest a wide expanse of lawn with small flower beds around the house. Since then I've created wide borders, terraces, and islands for planting. The front of the property is now filled with shrubs, perennials and many self-sowing annuals and biennials. The backyard incudes an old horse barn, fields and a boggy wood. Closer to the house the back garden now features a pergola, along with a large kitchen garden and a variety of berries, fruit and nut trees."

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Fall apple picking time

Front garden


Late summer in the back garden

Morning light

Pink roses and juniper

Poppy path

Rose Arch

Shady corner

Sunrise on the golden rain

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