By Alexandra Dittrich

Can you tell I LOVE purple?

Sharon has come a long way, and should be proud of the progress she's made with her garden.

"My name is Sharon Goetchius and I live in Stony Brook, New York. Drooling over all the magnificent pictures you posted each day, I've decided to submit mine.  I live and breath gardening and I still can't believe that I've been able to create all of this. I still remember TRYING to prepare my first bed, when we bought our house 13 years ago. I think it took me an hour and a half to dig a hole, big enough for one tiny plant! We had so much clay in our soil. Now I can't even FIND a place to dig! When I do lift that shovel, just to change the scenery, it's so much easier! All that compost I've made (which makes my plants sometimes look like they're on steroids) certainly has paid off. Whenever I get the chance to just sit back and take it all in, usually with a glass of wine at dinner time, I still say the same thing, "I absolutely can't believe that I've created all this!" And, then, I usually turn to my husband and say, "Remember that first hole?!" Just for extra measure I've included a picture of the yarn balls I made to finish off the ends of my garden stakes. You see I'm also a knitter and had to incorporate that into my garden, of course!"

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Another creation by the man! You know, when you have lemons, make lemonade? Well, we did! We lost this tree last fall. But, we couldn't let it go completely because after all, it holds up our hammock. Thus, he played, I gardened. The result, a gnome house and pretty flowers for those little guys. Please don't tell my 5 year old grandson that there aren't really gnomes inside. He still believes!

This is the back of our house which used to be just a long, plain back of our house. Now it's filled with bird houses (Another man idea). I must admit that at first, I wasn't sure about this one. Now, I say, "Good morning, Morning Glory" every morning!

Looking out at my 'kitchen garden'!

Our now, 16 year granddaughter couldn't say grandma at first, so my son came up with ShaSha (for Sharon). Well, it stuck! So, my husband created this sign for our shed. I love the way it incorporates the loves of my life, with my passion for gardening!

Russian Sage and Black Eyed Susans playing nicely!

Streptocarpella and begonias make a beautiful show!

Springtime in 'The back, back!' Our special retreat for early evenings and friends!

Tired of stabbing myself with tomato stakes, I decided to cushion the ends with yarn balls! I love knitting but don't usually have time in the summer. This way, at least I played with some yarn and now, no more booboos!

Can you tell STILL tell I LOVE purple?

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