Sarah in Minnesota did a lovely job of combining form and function in creating a beautiful garden for privacy. What a beautiful solution!

"Since a child I've always dreamed of having a yard like Claude Monet. So, each summer I make it a mission to tackle a new section of our yard.  Last summer's project was an approximately 15' x 80' area in the backyard to increase privacy and reduce the grass that consumed so much water. I used cardboard and free wood chips to smother the weedy struggling grass and planted the shrubs immediately, but waited until fall to transplant in the perennials. Being such a big section I still had some transplanting to do this spring. Now with the sense of privacy and enclosure in hand, this summer's mission was to expand our tiny patio and buy a patio set. The informal hedge, marked by three Techny arborvitae shrubs, was put in maybe 5 years ago. This is the front roadside garden's 2nd full summer. Lastly, I included an ugly before photo of the summer we spent mowing the sparse weeds and nervously wondering about our capabilities."

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